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    professional pillow fighter
  1. KyleFall

    Corny White Girls Appreciation

  2. a dude has a crush on you
  3. KyleFall

    waywt? saved my life

    Geller Geller Common Projects
  4. KyleFall

    TORONTO Meetup

    someone buy some full tilt poker moneyz off me so im not mad broke and can drink my face off at 751
  5. KyleFall

    White People On Sufu Suck

  6. she's too young for you. and also don't you have a reach advantage on like 98% of society?
  7. my friend angele. http://lookbook.nu/look/131363-Last-Day-Of-Magic hype that shit
  8. KyleFall

    TORONTO Meetup

    You mean regular people don't wear Chronicles Of Never :confused:
  9. KyleFall

    TORONTO Meetup

    Mini sufu meetup today. 4 Toronto Sufuer's in same location. First it was Starthere, Homi29, |3ootlegs and Kyle Fall @ Massimo's Then it was Starthere, Homi29, Acrobatic Tenement and Kyle Fall @ some random party Either way 751 on Friday sounds dope.
  10. KyleFall

    POPEYES: Appreciation Thread

    had the 2pc bonafide today. really expensive in canada but I still love it. tried to rep so many people in this thread but I'm out for the day
  11. KyleFall

    Swine flu

    I just ate a ham and swiss sandwich. It was delicious. +++
  12. small people can still own guns. everyone who has been bickering in this thread seems to have forgotten that. now someone post a picture in their waywt with a gun to up their internet street cred. it can be a new sufu trend.
  13. KyleFall

    TORONTO Meetup

    man oh man that's cheap