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What are you craving today?


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its a long process, but i believe if you can roll a blunt youll have no prob rolling these...

i dip my grape leaves in ranch dressing. :o

nah cooking shit is not a problem.

just gimme the recipe, for real haha.

what kind of meat do you use?

some people eat them cold. do you?

i prefer them hot crunchy and oily haha

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fer sure, ill pm u the recipe when i get it!

we use lamb meat and i like them hot and mushy. i will eat the crunchy ones too tho, i dont discriminate.

ah well just a bit crunchy on the outside, and real mushy inside.

lamb mmm. i heard some people use veal too?

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eating some now

i'm craving more birthday presents! woo I love my birthday!

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