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What are you craving today?


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this one place in my old hood called venus pizza had these chili fries... i dont know what they were about them but they were just amazing maybe because it took them 30 minutes to make because they were lazy as fuck or something but they were seriously the best chili fries ive ever eaten in my life... sadly they closed down a few years back i think 03? and ive been missing them ever since. they were seriously amazing and i have yet to find some chili fries to satisfy my craving. sad day.

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this thread is not exciting without pictures. scour google images for some boner baiting foodshots u numbsklulz.

chili isn't as photogenic as other delicious, heavy foods but i've been eating mad chunky buffalo meat chili all weekend and all i want is some more:



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usually i just get 2 double cheeseburgers and 2 small fries

but since it's the 'holidays' maybe i'll get a mcgangbang and a large fries tomorrow!

word to this, ever since that big mac thread i've been getting mac sauce instead of ketchup on my double cheeses and its 1000x better imo

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