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What are you craving today?


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damn dude, i called em up and found out that the duck ramen was only a promotional holiday thing so i missed it, sucks i had time to go tomorrow, oh well the regular stuff is awesome.

as for the place, ill pass the knowledge that was once given to me

is this the ramen shop that's next to mitsuwa market and kinokuniya? i've still yet to try this place

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Respect to that hoe, indeed

I made winq get level 10 and a kilo, if i remember correctly

I also made him get the double steak with max rice at Pepper Lunch, and then I was gonna make him eat a Mega Mac set afterwards, but he lucked out...

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fun fact: the Temple of Jawnz was constructed from empty Cass cans, big mac boxes, boxes from Doremi pizza and the little unopened packs of pickles, and candy wrappers. We are just sorry sorry monks in a terrible temple.

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so full now.

always eat too much when I go there. plus there is a line so I feel like I need to eat fast. bunch of suits shoveling grub into their mouths. always makes me think of


craving a cigarette now.

the scene in Spirited away, not the one where they are pigs, but when they start eating, everything looks soo good and watching it always makes me hungry

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