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What are you craving today?


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Do it for Larry Bird, and wash it down with a Rock Star Fruit Punch.

Right now I could do with a stack of pancakes and either rum butter, apple compote, and vanilla ice cream, or honey butter, berry compote, and vanilla ice cream.

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Also I'd like to eat another one of the ham and cheese sandwiches I bought at the little bakery in Daikanyama across from Julius, that time I went with winq and Cotton Duck. Best ham and cheese sandwich ever.

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I'm dying to try this. Squid in its own ink. Has anybody ever tried it?

nigga get the fuck outta here with this shit.

mass, can you pls post pics of like mcnuggets drowned in honey stewed w/ poutine or some shit to wash this image out of my mind?

i hate when y'all get super azn wit it here.

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i like squid only if its fried or dried.. :o


yeah sorta... they're tantan noodles so it's pulled noodles which is where ramen comes from. in a spicy broth with a bit of peanut sauce and ground sesame fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk so good.

drool.jpg..that or xoxo..emen is delish too..

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palabok, unagidon and boba? It's like a pan-Pacific nightmare in your belly. Even the terrible Joy Yee's Asian fusion noodle shop in Chicago would probably try to talk you out of it.

My super friend zone girl from Japan just brought me a thick block of kurobuta bacon from the land where it gets dark at 3:30pm, and I told her to come back later today whereby I will make something out of it. I am thinking I will just make some pancetta ragout of it and then save some thick half inch slices so I can make what I really want, a sick Asian-steez BLT made from kurobuta bacon strips, lettuce, tomato, and Kewpie Mayonnaise on some sick crusty toasted bread.

Wash that down with a Rock Star Fruit Punch.

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