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Chronicles Of Never S/S 08


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I am in love with just about every peice here. doubt i could pull it all off/afford most of it.

the tees all look great, circumference of a circle looks especially nice. the black rain denim i might have to pick up. gotta start saving bigtime!!!

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Oh i see what they have done here. made a current series and also a permanent line apple core..

some of this is deff coppable, it will so far be a fight between CON and BP new season bags.

interesting, i have a feeling that BP will be much better quality..

maybe i will get some shoes this time around

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looks decent, more sheer tops and ann d style long shirts. the monochromatic and parrallax buttonless cardigans look interesting, dunno how wearable they will be though. not really feeling the shoes this season, the mono 2 from the apple core line is probably the only pair I'd consider picking up. interested to see if the leather bags will be any good but will probably just get a Julius one proxied. other than that the apple core tees and neo jeans look like they would be worth buying.

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this is joke correct?

not joking , but maybe exaggerating a bit!

Its quite monochromatic right now, going out at night everyone is dressed in black - even going into general pants (!) its all black white grey. I know black has always been around but its probably a natural backlash to the fluro mess that was Sydney summer 07/08

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Where do I start!!! I like the circumference shirt, the monochromatic vest and coat, and the tees. It isn't really that different to the last season... but I still love it anyway.

I like the brain tee and inverted square. The leather bags look pretty cool too! Reckon they will be some fair $$ tho :|

Not sure which shoes I want to get.... like the look of the metal 2nd chapter and the skeleton key ones.

I've bought CON from Pitbull Mansion before, and they ship international. I assume they will be getting this gear in.


Anyone know when it is due to hit the stores?

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Here are some styled pictures. I don't think I've seen them anywhere yet.

To me the collection looks completely interchangeable with the last/current season. The general idea is something I typically go for, but I really can't get excited at all for CoN.









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the white right angle shirt looks absolutely amazing in those pics!

Is that the one that is long and open?? If so... I am with you there!

I like the long drapey cardi thing in the first pic. Does anyone know the name of that piece?

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