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  1. Send me Pm with any offers Rick Owens Black blazer Season: Island Size:48 Price: 350pounds + shipping note: unlined and light for summer, amazing fabric. Rick Owens Drkshdw Black heavy waxed skirted jeans Season: unknown Size: 33 Price: 200pounds + shipping Rick Owens Gray Drkshdw Corduroy 3/4 pants Season: unknown Size: 31 (fits like a 31 it was too small on me I wore them once I think) Price: 120pounds + shipping Rick Owens Bleach wash Jeans Season: unknown Size: To be confirmed but around 32 Price: 140pounds + shipping note: I wore them once, they came with a little hole at the hem but you can see it is made because of the washing process ( I bought them new ) and the overlock came off close to the hem, nothing major. Boris Bidjan Saberi White Shirt Season: ss2012 I think Size: Small Price: 220pounds + shipping note: Very light collar stain, I wore the item once and bought it brand new. Boris Bidjan Saberi knitted longsleeve Season: ss2009 if I remember correctly Size: Large Price: 250pounds + shipping note: One of the first BBS piece I bought. I took immense care of it and wore it maybe 2-3 times it is in good condition and a very rare piece I presume. it is very long ( slightly above the knee long and i'm 6ft1)
  2. I have bought this before moving to London and wore it 5-6 times since I got here. It was brand new when I got it and from what I have heard kind of rare since it's an old model. If anyone is interested I would part with it as I don't wear it much often. all the tags are back in Canada. Send me a message if you are interested Pictures up: for now here is a picture my girlfriend took of me some time ago wearing it:
  3. still available putting it up on ebay!
  4. Tips financing school

    Hi I recently was accepted to a big fashion school in the UK ( I'll try to keep this as short as possible ) and Its a 1 year diploma program and I would do my MA in menswear afterward if possible. The problem is even with a 30k loan and 15k bursary per year (so like 45k) I'd still be missing 60k... any advices? and changing school wouldn't be an option and my parents can't help me more than they already do. thanks!