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5 Websites You Can Not Live Without


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www.youtube.com (simply for music + documentaries).









third looks tumblr is up there. fantastic source of inspiration. others I just will not mention.

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"Live without"" is excessive but:








Making this list also made me realize most of the site I frequent are just huge time wasters.  I think i'm going to get rid of all of my social media besides twitter 

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Google is probably an obvious one lol so I won't include that. Let's just establish that everyone needs Google. So here are mine:

hPage Website Builder- so I can create websites and manage my websites. Also doubles as photo and file hosting. 

Craigslist- for buying stuff, selling stuff, finding services, events, etc.

Youtube - for watching videos and uploading my videos

Etsy- for selling my crafts

Success- my daily motivational newspaper on web


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Google.com - since it's really obvious, I tried several search engines yet still it's my favorite
Youtube.com - for videos, podcasts and occasionally music streams
Netflix.com - most of my favorite series are from Netflix, so I call it a guilty pleasure of mine
Twitter.com - for following some actors, interesting bloggers and big companies
Tumblr (rip)

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