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  1. coach

    usa :: new york :: general

    Theres a new event in the city http://www.natal.space/thebobaroom
  2. coach

    scotland :: edinburgh :: general

    I just took a trip to Scotland recently and wrote about my experience. Edinburgh was truly fanastic and I liked it better than Glasgow. http://www.natal.space/scotland
  3. coach

    Post Your Creations (pics, artwork, media, design...)

    I created my own website. Check it out http://natal.space
  4. coach

    england :: london :: general

    haha. Do you know of any similar restaurants that would be cheaper?
  5. coach

    england :: london :: general

    Has anyone checked out The Horse Hospital near Fritzovia? http://www.natal.space/destroyallmonsters
  6. coach

    what are you eating today?

    If you're in London check out Monograph a Japanese supper club. http://www.natal.space/monograph-london
  7. coach

    General TV show discussion

    This is a good show. I love the cinematography in it
  8. coach

    england :: london :: general

    Make sure to check out Monograph in North London. I wrote about it here. http://www.natal.space/monograph-london
  9. coach

    5 Websites You Can Not Live Without

    http://hypebeast.com http://natal.space http://reddit.com http://freundevonfreunden.com http://www.dezeen.com/
  10. coach

    england :: london :: general

    Has anyone checked out Bao in Soho? http://www.natal.space/bao/ My girlfriend and I checked it about and wrote a brief write up about their dishes.
  11. coach

    usa :: new york :: general

    Visit Samsung 837 in the Meatpacking District. It's a digital interactive store with a VR tunnel. http://www.natal.space/samsung837/#
  12. coach

    usa :: new york :: general

    Check out The Source in NYC until August. It's hosted by Charity Water. http://natal.space/thesource
  13. coach

    what are you eating today?

    Tried a Bao in Soho, London http://natal.space/bao
  14. coach

    what are you eating today?

    I checked out Cafe Monocle in London. http://www.natal.space/the-monocle-cafe/
  15. http://www.natal.space/brunei/