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Shibuya-ward finally sold the naming right for Miyashita Park to Nike Japan. The park will be called Miyashita Nike Park. Concrete skate park for skateboarding, rollerblading, bmx, and fixed gears. The local gov't will maintain the park but nike will do the entire renovation / sponsoring.


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God I'm so sick of Nike ruining the local culture of Tokyo. U walk all around Harajuku and Shibuya and full street walls are plastered w/ their stupid bullshit.

I think I can tolerate Nike more than Abercrombie Fitch\Hollister taking over Soho\E Village with their ridiculously large billboards and their store people walking around shirtless trying to promote some bullshit lifestyle that does not exist in lower manhattan.

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i <3 Nike

ive been rocking nsw hard. all i do is work out or bike.

i've gotten rid of a lot of jawns

my rotation

1) amerkaji top + dickies + vans

2) engineered garments

3) preppy shit ala odin + steven alan

4) head to toe brooks brothers for school

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i have a pair of levi's N517 and a grey hoodie

i've thought about getting their lame basics but 95 bucks for a v-neck tee is pretty pricey.

one thing that hasn't blown up yet is the stabilizer gnz jeans they sell at the flagship store. i don't know much about those jeans but they are pretty steezy IMO.

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the price point is good. 15000 yen.

i just don't want repro jeans. that's all.

the tenderloin t riders fit weird as hell

or i might just go back to APC new standards

you need to wait for TOJ denim then, doggie. All that you want and more, trust.

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when can i expect these TOJ jeans to be out?

are they gonna be like 300 dollars? i hope not

petit standards b too slim

need to sell my NN deminz too

shit, i think i've worn acne jeans more than anything in the past 4 years

i haven't really found anything that fits better than the acnes.

i had APC rescues back in the day but never owned NS cause

i was too fat

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