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This seems to get brought up pretty often, but I want to revive it yet again. Coffee recommendations?

I wish I could remember the name of the place, but my favourite spot for coffee has been a little shop around Inokashira Park. Up some small uneven staircase and behind some bushes. Donuts and coffee. A cappuccino is 300yen or so and it is quite nice; not bad for Tokyo. Plus cute cappuccino art.

Someone whose opinion I trust spoke quite highly of Daibo in Aoyama. Priced to match the area, though. I went all-out for the 800yen espresso-sized mocha which was okay, but then again I was terribly sick so I am going to assume my taste buds were affected. The space itself is very beautiful and relaxing, though.

and beans from Cafe Haiti in Shinjuku may rank to me slightly higher than what I had been missing from various roasters in Seattle.

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Check out Jun Hashimoto (original wjk guy)'s new line. His shop is near Julius. Sizes go much larger than wjk and, while wjk is now made in a much cheaper factory, his new line is using the same one that wjk (and a handful of other high quality brands) use.


Rauch, thanks for the suggestion. I went to Jun's place, really liked his stuff and did get a shirt that fit!!! Jun was actually there and helped me with the clothes because his English was the best. I felt bad that he was my personnel salesman and told him that, but he said he liked sales because he gets to interact with his customer. Really nice guy and he makes big sizes because he is bigger himself. But he said big sizes in Japan are risky. He then mapped out the N(N) store and wished me luck finding it. I did find it, but nothing to my size. Do Japanese men not like to workout?

Heading to Shinjinku today. Any suggestions there? I really Like Ragtag, but have yet to find something in my size. I almost cried because I found a beautiful Carpe Diem Tee there in great condiditon for about $8o USD. But...too small.

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I have trouble fitting into 44 for some labels because I work out. I can't wear Attachment properly because their size 1 is ridiculously small at the arms. But size 2 is too long. I can't imagine what its like to be size 50/52 here. Although European labels should fit you like a dream. You should wear MMM, Bottega Veneta, etc.

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i can't fit into non-street / non-work domestic labels

i can fit into 48 MMM, KVA and others without any problems

Back in the US, places like The Archive carry larger sizes in Attachement, Shellac, and other Japanese labels. I guess they work directly with the label and get custom sizes.

I like the labels you guys mentioned, but I am here in Japan to grab Japanese designers. Found a Julius Shirt at istean that fits. Also grabbed a CCP at Ragtag (I know, its not Japanese, but it fit!). My last day today. Any final suggestion for a Japanese designer that may fit country bumpkin body?

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Midwest has a decent selection of big size jawnz.

I picked up a few viridianne pieces that fit.

Space in Aoyama (next to alain mikli) is good but I think they ran out of business.

I presume that you are into the goth ninja / high fashion. I don't know if the stores below will be interesting for you but I'd say this is a definitive list of must-check stores in Tokyo. In no particular order.

-edit- ill make a list sorted by category. i think itll be helpful

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High Fashion / goth ninja Select Shop

1) 10 Corso Como by Comme des Garcons

2) Midwest and Heathen by Midwest

3) Lift

4) Isetan

5) Barneys

6) The Contemporary Fix

7) Edition

8) Adelaide and Addition Adelaide (most retarded-looking / space-age raf that no other stores dare to buy = here)

9) Loveless

10) Restir

11) leclaireur

12) Dover Street Market Tokyo

Please feel free to add

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Uraharajuku OG Street

1) Real Mad Hectic

2) Atmos

3) SWG / Phenomenon

4) Neighborhood

5) Supreme

6) FIL

7) Kinetics

8) A Bathing Ape Stores / BBC Ice Cream

9) Chapter World

10) Goro's

11) Agito (nitraid / nike)

12) Nike Sports Wear

13) Stussy

14) X-Large

15) Undefeated

16) Original Fake

17) FAT

18) Bounty Hunter

19) New Era

20) balance (BAL and anachronorm)

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Jawn Consignment

1) Space and co (high fashion)

2) Rag tag (everything)

3) Kind (everything)

4) Jumble Store (everything)

5) Heatwave (nothing but streetwear)

6) PX megastore (streetwear mostly but others as well)

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"Rugged" Streetwear - sorry the list is long b/c this is what im into

1) Made in the world

2) Vendor (nonnative)

3) JAM (white mountaineering)

4) Tokishiraz

5) Nepenthes

6) Engineered Garments Tokyo

7) Mansion of Owls (marka)

8) Black Flag (taps)

9) General Research Store

10) Mr. Hearts

11) Tenderloin

12) Nanamica

13) Challenger (FYI, run by some dudes who worked for neighborhood)

14) Blue Label Store Ships Jet Blue

15) ELT

16) White Moutaineering

17) Beams Plus

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J. Crew on Crack - Insanely expensive preppy clothes

1) 7 Daikanyama

2) Opening Ceremony

3) Record

4) Vase

5) Beauty and Youth United Arrows

6) District United Arrows

7) Soph

8) FIL

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Vintage / used "Select shops"

1) Go Getter

2) Hanjiro

3) Telepathy Route

4) Jumping Jap Flash

5) Voice

6) Berberjin

7) Meme's Park

8) Santa Monica

9) Varde 77

10) Keshiki

11) Lost Hills

12) Vostok

13) Mugen-do (craziest ethnic shit from all over asia for cheap. if you haven't seen it, you must)

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Something for everyone "select shops" (excludes goth ninja / high fashion select shops)

1) Beams

2) Journal Standard

3) United Arrows

4) Ships Jet Blue

5) American Rag Cie

6) Nano Universe

7) Liquor, woman & tears

8) Garden

9) Tokishiraz

10) 1LDK

11) LHP

12) Bench at the Green

13) Studios

14) Slap Shot

15) Ciao Panic

16) Freaks Store

17) Naichichi

18) Yellow Ruby (Rotor and others)

19) Ranchiki Centraaaaal (for some reason, it's pronounced Centrume)

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Neu-rave / crazy steez / clubbing

1) Acycle Ships Jet Blue

2) Heathen by Midwest

3) Liquor, woman&tears

4) Swg / Phenomenon

5) Height Tokyo (mackdaddy and revolver, I think)

6) Rendevouz (like phenomenon)

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Fast Fashion

1) Hare

2) Uniqlo

3) Zoff (eye glasses)

4) Jin's global standard (eye glasses)

5) Rage Blue

6) Forever 21

7) H&M

8) Topman / Topshop

9) Base Station (base control)

10) And A

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Domestic Labels

1) Attachment


3) Pledge

4) Galaaaabend

5) Undercover

6) Yohji Yamamoto

7) CdG

8) Cabane de Zucca

9) Julius

10) Viridi-Anne

11) N. Hoolywood

12) Number nine

13) FIL (visvim)

14) Lad Musician

15) Final Home

16) Dress Camp

17) Roen

18) The contemporary fix (mastermind japan)

19) Giuliano Fujiwara

20) Hysteric Glamour

21) Naichichi (Impacthys Kerri / Back Alley Old Boys)

22) Venom (DBSS)

23) Wherebouts

24) AKM

25) Ato

26) Sosu Mihara Yasuhiro

27) Men's Shop by Arts and Science

28) WJK - la foret

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Accessories / beauty stuff? for guys

1) Cplus Headwear (hats and slouchy beanies)

2) Jam Home Made Ready Made

3) Isetan

4) Garni

5) Chrome Hearts

6) Select shops - IG beams, Am Rag Shibuya,

7) Ca4la (hats)

8) Quomist Yurakucho (face cream, moisturizers, eye brow shaping service, shaving cream, you name it)

9) Hakusan Megane Walls (eye glasses)

10) Optical Cradle Aoyama ( effector eye glasses)

11) Dita Legends Daikanayama (sunglasses and eye glasses)

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