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Found 10 results

  1. Goro's feather

    XL Silver Feather - 450 400 shipped.
  2. No trades Please. Paypal Payments only. If you have any question please PM me. Price Does not include shipping fee and 4% paypal fee.
  3. Special 2014 campaign! SUFU users, who order online items at 8% (comapred to the usual 10%) Offer valid until September 15th! Enquiries: http://japanbuyingservice.com/ [email protected] ___________________________________________________ The original and best, since 2006, friendliest and most reliable buying service for any of you who want stuff from japan! I can pick up specific items that you want from stores in Tokyo (did i hear someone say vsivim?) or anything that can be ordered online. here are some sites to get you in the mood: www.rakuten.co.jp http://item.rakuten....b/c/0000000113/ http://www.px-megastore.com/ - v.good used clothing store http://www.metalburger.com/ http://zozo.jp www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/hinoya/hinoya.html - for the denim freaks http://shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ http://www.ladmusician.com/top.html I can accept Paypal or bank transfers to my UK HSBC account. My fee will be 8% for online orders and 15% store pick ups Minimum order is 1500 (about $100 / £50) plus recorded express delivery expenses via EMS (about 3/4 days) http://www.post.japa.../intel/ems.html any feedback is greatly appreciated and please feel free to add up some more links to online shops [email protected] http://japanbuyingservice.com/ *I respond a lot faster to direct emails rather than PMs on Sufu Check out my Feedback here: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/22255-japan-buying-service-2014-update-rates-reduced/ And Here: http://www.fuk.co.uk/threads/japan_buying_service/25/
  4. Hi All, I'm selling a couple of very rare Goro's items. If you're looking at this, chances are you already know how exclusive Goro's pieces are, and if you want more info, feel free to PM me. I've been visiting the store in Tokyo for many years, waiting up to 7 hours to get in, to build up my modest collection. I haven't thought about prices yet, so please PM me with offers. Medium bracelet - Silver with 18k gold - Side-to-side - 6cm; top-to-bottom - 4.8cm; opening - 2.7cm. - Adjustable Medium Eagle - Silver - 7.3cm x 3.1 - Eagle pendants are the rarest of the rare - This was purchased from a select store in Japan, so I can't guarantee its provenance, but I have compared it side-by-side to other authentic Eagles, and it is identical Items located in Australia. Will ship worldwide. Thanks for looking!
  5. Denim Stores in Tokyo for Women

    Ok so I was expecting Japan, and Tokyo in particular, to have a great selection of raw denim for women. So far however, the main label I had set my sights on, Skull Jeans by Alchemist, has moved from it's previous location. I have two days left in Tokyo and was wondering if anyone had a heads up on a few shops that would have some selection in woman's styles available. So far most of the shops (and labels) cater mainly (if not solely) to guys. Guess there has been a larger market for them, but it has been making me sad for a long time. I want good denim too! Lol. Even beyond my two days, does anyone have in good shops in the Tokyo area? I will keep posted if I find anything good.
  6. Denim repair in Tokyo?

    I will be in Tokyo in November and was wondering if there are any places that can repair the left front pocket of my Kojima jeans. The pocket lining is ripped right where it is attached so everything falls through my pant leg. I live in Shanghai, and nobody here will even attempt to repair this. Thanks.
  7. japan :: tokyo :: general

    Hi Guys, I have searched through the forum and everything seems to be a unfocused. I am only there for 4 days with the girlfriend. We'll be staying in Shinjuku at the Keio Plaza probably. I just want to eat and shop. sightseeing can be saved for my second trip. I need help with: Great places to eat! (hole in the wall, trendy, or just tremendous food) Great places to shop in Tokyo! Awesome Clubs. (I'm from hollywood and from san francisco so something dope and trendy is preferable. Those are the only three I need. Any help would be appreciated. Also: Sinapore airlines at roundtrip from LAX to Tokyo Narita for only $700
  8. japan :: tokyo :: shopping

    Supreme harajuku: the stuff from new season looks crappy; i cant justify paying nearly 60 bucks for a tee. the interior looks pretty dope. neighborhood: a lot better than i expected. though they didnt have any of the crazy denim, they did have some level 2 savage denim. i tried on a pair and they looked great. 30000 yen. staff was really nice cause i didnt look like a reseller. FIL: no music; hot chicks working there; everything is super expensive so the shoes seem like they are reasonably priced; the SA dude carries the shoes to the entrance as i walk out and vows. cplus headwear: located in the basement of some old ass building. the shops in the bldg are like restaurants and cafes. very small store but the staff was really nice. headporter: just a complete mad house. so many people crammed into the store. what my friend and i learned = the size of a bag isnt proportional to its size a small fanny pack may cost 15000 yen but a messenger bag is 35000 yen lad musician: cool but it aint my steez atmos: the northface collabos look great but atmos x porter items are just insanely expensive. e.g. a small pouch = 10000 yen more to come