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  1. japan :: tokyo :: general

    I'm doing a month with girl in Aug/Sep next year and looking for high end house rental in/around TKO. Is there a JP clone of One Fine Stay or some such? AirBnB has been WAY too sketch. ps yogoro is the best imnho
  2. usa :: san francisco :: general

    Those are both very very good calls. Two of my fav places I've been to recently. Actually, most of the places I'd recommend in that price range don't do lunch; SF is stupid sometimes. I haven't had any Japanese food here worth eating tbh. If you're still hungry after Petit Crenn, the tacos out the back of Cala nearby are pretty tasty. Tawla's a new Mediterranean spot that's quite good. (Dinner only though)
  3. japan :: tokyo :: general

    Karuizawa should have some good winter stuff. Hiking, skiing, etc. I've only been in summer but it's probably one of my fav day trips out of Tokyo. Here's a few. Kiso valley should be doable in winter too. I loved it in the fall. I'm sure there's good stuff up north in Sendai too. Ramen? Eat lunch at amazing $$$$ places that do lunch specials. Eat amazingly good random stuff for dinner. Eat ramen drunk at 2am. Only sushi spot I know in Osaka is Jinen. It's nothing special but pretty solid -- I think it's a white person place though.
  4. Bali

    @rirawin -- Ku De Ta if only for desserts and vibe. Mamasan for drinks / dinner. Get local style BBQ somewhere -- shit is amazing. Sights -- Tanah Lot. Super beautiful area. The various monkey infested areas are fun as well. (Have her not wear earrings!) Surfing -- http://www.baliwaves.com/surfing-in-bali/surf-spots/ As far as beaches, I'm not sure. We wandered around the resorts, drank beer and ate peanuts at various bars out on the beach, jumped in ocean, got some coconuts, repeated at various spots -- none really stood out to me.
  5. china :: shanghai :: general

    @Waraki -- I was probably one of those finance expat dbags. Back in Shangers next weekend. So hyped.
  6. japan :: tokyo :: general

    Back in TKO next week. Looking for good shit Fri night.
  7. usa :: san francisco :: general

    Katana ya way way better than I expected. +1 Favorite underground speakeasy whiskey/cocktail spot? Preferably not in the TL. Feel like I need to mix up my boozing.
  8. china :: shanghai :: general

    Nice -- glad you at least liked the drinks. I've got no clue as to the crowd -- I was there only the first few nights which is always like the f&f and degen cocktail drinking crowd. What was the scene? ABCs with older dudes? What spots are you feeling these days? I'm probably not back through till fall but always curious to hear what's good these days.
  9. china :: shanghai :: general

    HKer slang. (AKA same cats)
  10. china :: shanghai :: general

    I kind of miss Shangers. Aaron's new spot, Candor, is awesome. S tier cocktails. Was there when I was back in Jan, which, yeah, seems like a while ago now. If I was still living in SH, I'd be there ALL the time.
  11. japan :: tokyo :: general

    Kind of a bummer -- I really liked AirBnB in tko for certain parts of the city where there really weren't good hotel options. Anyone got any gallery recs particularly in the architectural / photography space? Looking to broaden my tko horizons from coffee/food/jawnz.
  12. usa :: san francisco :: general

    Got a recc? I like the KFC @ Aria quite a bit and Namu Gaji is okay, but compared to LA, SF has less obvious amazing good Korean food.
  13. japan :: tokyo :: general

    That's one shop I've never made it to in LA but given that I like BB in TKO better than here in SF not super shocking. That said, under no circumstances will I brave Shinjuku for it. LA best coffee in world no lies no lies though.
  14. usa :: san francisco :: general

    I think Namu Gaji has some really good stuff just don't really love the actual menu. Like their bulgogi is actually REAL good but it's only in their snack hour tacos which, while looking cool, are impossible to pick up and eat and generally super frustrating. Mau is def under hyped for america-fusion-y viet. Pho ga with veges is like ultimate comfort food. Bun Thang also realllly good. Tacolicious is super hype but, yeah, pretty good. Delfina, Mission Chinese, as well for lunch? It is true that 90% of everything in Mission is dinner only sadly. I feel like any other neighborhood has better ratio of lunch / dinner spots.