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coffee anyone?


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Every morning at 8am i have a starbucks coffee. Usually a grande redeye. Purely utilitarian though. This nice independent organic bakery/coffee place closed down over winter break :(

i'm going to try the grande red eye tomorrow. i'm not used to espresso at all so it should be a different experience.

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Some directly traded Ethiopian drip to start the day. No food, because that Mexican food last night fucked up my digestive system.

A shit ton of work to do today. I'm going to enjoy this walk back before I lock myself in the library to do this whole scholar thang.

Giving up sweets and meat on Friday and carbs after noon for Lent tomorrow. No way in all seven hells would I ever give up caffeine. My entire life would collapse.

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Breakfast was oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries.

I went downstairs to a place next to my dorm and got a large coffee. Drank it through a straw hustling to class (super awkward trying to sip while walking to class) cuz they don't allow food or drinks in the lecture hall.

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4:16pm coffee and firehouse sub

read seaofshoes instead of the newspaper

i have a short attn spn

omgoodness, lab.

i was JUST singing hakuna matata this morning.


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