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  1. Your Interwebz Speed

    Yeah, it's not bad. They just sent me an offer of $100 for 100Mb/s. Sorta excessive, but price wise it's pretty reasonable. All I can say is Ookla (speedtest.net and netindex.com) seem to be pretty well regarded and used as the standard when it comes to speed testing. The thing about the US is that it's a massive, massive country. If you live in the heart of a major city like me, it's easy to get decent service at decent prices; service that is on par with anywhere else globally. The problems begin when you venture outside of those areas and the population density drops. The countries that we talk about having ubiquitous high-speed access are those where population is relatively dense and cities aren't too far away from each other. Obviously that isn't the case for large parts of the US, so it's still literally cost prohibitive (infrastructure costs that fall on the municipalities and the providers) to have decent broadband there. There are lots of places here where you can get a 100Mb/s connection, and lots of places you'd be lucky to get 1Mb/s. So I don't think averages really tell the true story.
  2. Your Interwebz Speed

    We pay what I'd venture is very slightly more than average; about $60 per month. On the contrary, if you go to http://www.netindex.com/value/allcountries/ you'll find that the differences between the US and the UK are actually quite small. According to speedtest, my paltry 65Mb/s is faster than 97% of connections worldwide. So the apparent speed has nothing to do with being in the United States. I think the reality is that most connections just suck, regardless of location. The quality of this particular one has been a pleasant surprise. The really sad part is how technology has outpaced infrastructure--connections as fast as mine (and faster) should be available everywhere and to everyone, especially with the advent of HD streaming, etc.
  3. Your Interwebz Speed

    I see institutional connections approaching 100Mb/s, but the rest of the numbers here make me sad. At my house:
  4. What are your jeans doing today?

    holy shit what is that sandwich
  5. superconfessional

    ^ i don't count camera tickets as legitimate tickets. It's like fishing in a lake that was just stocked.
  6. Random Thoughts...

    Where the hell did you park to deserve an eighty dollar ticket? Brutal.
  7. Good designers for tall, skinny guys

    Have struggled with this problem myself - people look at me like I'm an asshole for complaining about what many consider to be an ideal build having the really pronounced v-shaped torso really fucks things up. One brand I've found to be very close is RL's Black Label.
  8. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Snap up them 106BSP's. 8 months into mine, every day wear, with no washes, holding up amazingly and they look incredible. Every other jean I've tried to go this long without washes has disintegrated but these are incredibly well built--the pocket reinforcement is a great idea.
  9. after a three month grow and a style im finally rocking the phillip crangi as featured above. it's a massive hit. now where do i go from here?
  10. Random Thoughts...

    bitch roommate breaking lease and leaving me homeless. whos got fists and needs money
  11. Wow. That's just... Really dig the civil war general thing he's got going on.
  12. Random Thoughts...

    i had sex in a drainage ditch yesterday.
  13. shit you hate

    ^ it's easier to buy less shit when meat substitutes are shaped like other foods, burgers fit in regular buns, sausages fit in regular buns, etc. all about interface
  14. 2 Legit dudes lost in New York

    ^ can i come too bighomo