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What are you wearing today? (pics only)


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Happy birfday dude, it's my girl's birthday as well!


Broke my stem on the job. If that's not the right time for go to hell shoes and socks and a stupid grin...then I don't want to know what the right time would be.

Beverly Hills Polo Club glasses [that shit is for real]

Eagle Creek Backpack

J.Crew Shirt

Patagonia Stand-Up Shorts

Rockford Socks

moon boot not labeled.

NOS Converse Skid Grips

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Took a quick snap today, trying to get use to my new (to me) 5DMK1.

Finding the exposures to be a bit inconsistent unfortunately, anyone

else with this camera have this problem? I usually shoot on Aperture

Priority but even when switching to Manual as well as Automatic the

problems occur. Anyway, threw this on today to run some errands..


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