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How is everyone's experience ordering from Tanner Goods? I ordered a belt 2 days ago and tried changing my order a few hrs later but I haven't received a response to my emails and no one is picking up the phone. I never received an order # or confirmation for my original order either.

I never got a confirmation as well, took about a week for a shipment confirmation, a week and a half total to get my belt. Good luck with getting a hold of them over the phone, it's pretty much impossible. Apparently the belts are made on sight at a store called Hecklewood, which is in the portland area.

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Sorry, we're a bit slow to to sending out the order confirmations. It usually takes a few days.

It is true that we produce everything in our Portland studio located in the back room of our Hecklewood storefront.

If you want to change up an order send me an email direct : [email protected] or [email protected]

ps sorry we suck at picking up the phone.

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The Tanner guys have their shop in the back of the Hecklewood space, which sells brands like 3sixteen, Dunderdon, Hill-side and others. I had a great experience with them. If you have a problem they'll make it right, but it's just a couple guys so yeah, you might not get instant replies.

EDIT: hah! You beat me to it!

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I have to admit - the Tanner belts are absolutely gorgeous....was in need of a new natural one - and this thing is just insane. Thick and sturdy - simple and clean - love it..thanx again


Guys with the new Tanner belts... Can you post pics with them on?

Agreed +1

kix whats the thickest belt you got in natural color? i got a denime buckle i wanna order just the belt with no buckle can i do that?

Eddie we can do some Natural skirting straps specially for you. 11/12 oz as apposed to our 9/10 oz... ED ONLY

send me an email...

My new custom Tanner belt in London Tan. The buckle is mine, from eBay a number of years ago.

The Tanner guys are awesome to work with and I'm psyched about my new belt!


Otis... love it sir! Thanks for showing it off.

ps... you gotta hit up Winn Perry.... crazy sale right now... 40-50% off

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Kix, Heckelwood carries the tanner belts, wallets, etc. i assume? I live in SW so i was thinkin i'd stop in sometime and check the gear out.

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Was able to stop by Hecklewood/Tanner today to get some advice about sizing, the guys were really nice and needless to say I left happy with my new belt. I was also invited to their workshop where they further explained to me their sizing process. It was great to see firsthand where and how these belts are made, it definitely made me appreciate the quality that much more.

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that LGC looks fucking fantastic. I love the look of that buckle too.

The IH belt is wonderful as well. They make some amazing products. One of the TG guys, Mark has been obsessing over their jackets lately...

Just wait til you guys see and feel our Premium Golden Natural Standard belt... shit started at like 12-13 oz weight. We've stripped the hides down a bit to get a more sensible size and handle. The color is hard to capture on my phone but we'll have some better pics coming out real soon.

The edges in this pic haven't been waxed and treated...


when tis model is supposed to coming out?:confused:

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some lovely stuff here:) thought I'd take some pics of my belts too. This one's Issey Miyake (made in Japan), about 2 years old, worn regularly for about a year I'd say. It's one piece of leather with mitred edges, hand-sewn onto the buckle, which is cast brass. The in/back side is painted(?) purple.





more over the next couple of days if people are interested

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This one's from Holland & Holland, a gunsmiths/country clothing store. It's lovely waxy bridle leather, and hand stitched round a solid brass buckle:





^^ it has to be hand sewn because I don;t think you could get a machine in under the keeper (the keeper is sewn on in the same stitch as sews the belt together on both sides of the keeper)- they do this stitch with 2 needles and 2 threads, so each stitch is sewn from both sides...


they also make this belt with cartridge loops for the superhardcore...

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