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Kc's garrison belt width 44mm, thick 6~7mm

I have only one leather belt for casual wear.

so hardly worn for 2 years. almost everyday

looks very clean outside but lot of scratches inside.

highly recomend this!! I love it.

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i always find nice belts every few months at the thrift. i just got a safariland buckless joint and another really nice vintage joint for like 3 bucks(for both). i never pay more than $4-$5 for a belt. the military surplus store is good too.

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I have to admit - the Tanner belts are absolutely gorgeous....was in need of a new natural one - and this thing is just insane. Thick and sturdy - simple and clean - love it..thanx again


agreed beatle I picked this one up and I've been impressed.


glad to hear it friends. The ones you guys got in the mail are waaaaay cooler then the ones pictured. Those don't have our new branding or prepped edges.

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hi guys im looking to pick a new belt from tanner and have couple of choices but still undecided. need an opinion or two here.

does natural color belt with black buckle look cool? im actually interested in that one. or should i just go for conservative nickle buckle?



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Finally getting around to posting pics of my two belts.

I got them both in Argentina about 9 months agoish.

A guy in the market near Recoletta makes them right while you wait. He has a booth with just the straps of leather and the hardware. You pick the leather and the buckle etc, and he fashions it up right there for you.

For some reason I never got a picture of his actual booth with all the different leather but he did allow me to take pictures of him while he was putting mine together.

Here he is putting in one of the rivets.


Another work shot. His leather bag there has all his different rivets and scrap leather pieces.


Here's my black belt after a bunch of wear. I picked the thickest black piece of leather I could find. Here it is with a credit card. Because it was so thick it cost extra, I think $25 total at max.


Here's the brown one, not nearly as thick but good color imo. I think it was $20.


And here's both of them together grouped with their respective key holders. Both of which were $5 as far as i remember.


Well, that's it sorry for all the pics.

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How is everyone's experience ordering from Tanner Goods? I ordered a belt 2 days ago and tried changing my order a few hrs later but I haven't received a response to my emails and no one is picking up the phone. I never received an order # or confirmation for my original order either.

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^ well i recently ordered a belt as well from them..i wouldn't expect a confirmation email until they actually send the item which could take a week or two being that the items are made to order.

* Please note: each product is made to order in our Portland, Oregon leather studio, and produced on an individual basis. Please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for belt and wallet production, and 2-3 weeks for bag production. Quality and craftsmanship takes a bit of time!*

-via tanner goods website

they have tons of satisfied customers on sufu though so i wouldn't be too concerned..i haven't attempted to contact them personally though with any issues so i can't comment on their customer service. However i know if your issue is a sizing issue and you receive your item and it does not fit that they will exchange it for the correct size.

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