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Vintage Sweatshirts


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Guest lewis@noverre

SDA maybe making some without logo for the next AW season.

I am wearing a large. I am 5ft10 have a 41 inch chest and 34 waist and it fits with room. The medium is slightly too small for me so I guess you could say they are are fairly small fitting.

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It's about to be sweatshirt weather here in Chicago, thought I'd revive this thread. I'm looking to get a nice sweatshirt, loopwheeled seems like it would be nice. Other than price, is there any reason to avoid them?

Also, since I don't wanna drop $250 on the Nike AW77xLoopwheeler, I'm wanting to get something plain. History Preservation has some Buzz Rickson which look nice, but their ordering process just seems so screwed up. I emailed BIG & Gordon said they should be getting some BR, Samurai, and SDA stuff over the next month or so. Any preferences out there? Besides the NikexLoopwheeler collab I don't think I could get a Loopwheeler without jumping through proxy hoops. I've found some Cushman stuff from an eBay store, but don't know much about them.

Does Reigning Champ make nice stuff? I know W+H is popular on here, but the whole vintage, loopwheel thing just has a certain charm about it the way shuttlel-loomed selvage denim does.

ps-anobody know of anyplace online (in the US) where they sell SNS Herning? I think I found one place in NYC, but the selection was very limited.

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Guest patchmb

Cushman is good quality stuff. If the ebay shop you are referring to is Speedway then i can vouch for them. There is a link to their rakuten website from ebay where they sell toys mccoy's sweats as well. They also speak english & I found them great to deal with.

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damn turntabloid..where you getting all this moeny to buy all these shit? IH shirts mccoy sweaters?

damn. wanna buy me something for christmas?

I love that mccoy sweater though

every end of a month sb is sending money to my bank account - i guess i should tell them to stop. totally unethical, i know! :D

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these are beauties:



perfect fitted sweatshirt. really long arms. long body. lightweight - for people like me who overheat extremely fast.

- carharrt capital sweat tee - (carharrt europe)

8.5oz. combed cotton makes a perfect finish.

fit pics will follow - they are amazing.

i am afraid not exactly vintage sweat though, sorry!

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