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Vintage Sweatshirts


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The measurements on the website are, for lack of a better phrase, completely wrong.

If you are one of those "between a small and a medium" or "between a medium and a large" people, I would recommend getting the larger size, because they shrink pretty significantly in the wash/dry. And don't be scared to wash it, the fabric just gets better and better!

I've found that the raglan sleeve sweats fit pretty slim, and the full hoodie fits more like a traditional champion sweat (kind of on the baggy side)

Hope this helps.

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please post pics... I know our friend fantastic japanese denim store on eBay just started selling them

and serge, the sleeves look a little short on the sweatshirt in that pic? did you buy too small?

(Cushman) sorry for delay-will post pics as soon as I get some time-until then here's some post (2) wash measurements (wash was a machine wash @ 40 degrees-not too fussed how I wash my sweats so just went for standard) I was told to size up because they shrink a bit and come up a bit small. I'm normall a medium (38-40 chest) I bought large. Now measures: Pit to pit= 22 (but it looks quite fitted on me because it's got those 50's (set in sleeve?) curvy seams under the arms. waist measures 18. waist cuff is a definate 4 inches. Sleeve cuffs are 3 inches. Collar to hem is 25. I'm about 178cm tall and i'm really glad I bought Large...length is right on the mark now after a couple of washes. They're nice and heavy too. I'll post some pics soon.

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Does anyone here know how Loopwheeler sweatshirts fit? Slim? Boxy? Size up? I checked out their website for sizing measurements but the numbers really don't tell much on the actual fit. On most sweatshirts I need to size up beacuse of shrinkage, even Champion reverse weave.

Here's a shitty pic of me wearing a size large Loopwheeler crewneck. I'm 5'7" with a medium build and it fits great - slim in the arms and relaxed through the body. I agree with Westbrook, size up because these things will shrink.


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Wow...both the Two Moon and Loopwheeler look vicious!

Out of all of the aforementioned true vintage styles, I've only seen the NDG crewneck and hoody, and I would have to say those are very HIGH QUALITY. Everything about it says heavyweight and tough...plus it has that vintage styling to it. THe fit is also less boxy/baggy than a CHampion...I definitely recommend the NDG crews and hoodies. Sometimes you can even find 'em on the sales rack in the basement of the store for at least 40% off the price tag...

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But I guess its designed to age in a pretty vintage fashion, its indigo and crocks like hell so I thought id post it here.

link to website - http://www.howies.co.uk/product.php/84/14/




actually alot darker in really life, very deep indigo, navy sort of hue with a green tinge. I really like the unfinished seams, I expect it will age nicely but im not sure how great the contrast will be seeing I dont really wear it as often as my favourite jeans and being a sweater I expect ill wash it more.

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. . . Jean Shop also makes sweatshirts. Price is high, but excellent quality and style.

I bought a jean shop crew sweatshirt a while ago, it was cream/off white . . same color as the middle one in this pictures


Not sure why I picked that color since I never really liked it, so decided to overdye it black, turned out more gray/purple.



here some pictures of an old healthknit raglan, my favorite sweatshirt by far . .



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thanks. that was actually very helpful... all I know is double knit french terry is the shit. I'll be on the lookout for something made that way. anyone got some suggestions?

all 3 of my PAM sweaters are like that. very comfortable.

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Thinking of getting a Two Moon sweat shirt. Heard they are shrink to fit. Im assuming you don't "wear in" shirt like denim before washing right? Jus wash dry and ready to go?

Both me and Serge d Nimes have the (Limited Ed.) two moon shrink to fit sweat. Do what you want with it, but no need to wear in first imo. just remember it shrinks (but not that much) in the wash. Mine's been washed a few times now and everytime I wash it I stretch the length and the arms back out (I bought a med and i'm 175cm tall), then it fits perfectly. Quite nice quality, but not as warm as my cushmans.

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I have the Two Moon 92022 limited edition as well in size large. It fit so well when I got it I was afraid it would shrink in the dryer so I laid it flat on a towel to dry. Here are the measurements after one wash:

shoulder - 20.25"

pit-pit - 22"

front length from bottom of collar to hem - 23"

hem - 17"

arm from pit to end - 21"

arm from shoulder to end - 22.5"

I find it very comfy. The material seems to be slightly lighter in weight than Loopwheeler with more of a fleecy inside surface as opposed to the dense terry on a LW.

Hope this helps.

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