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  1. viv1984viv

    BS United Oni Denim Pics

    I have a very boring cut question I'd like someone more savvy than I to weigh in on. I like the fit of my 902s, but rather than get the exact same cut I'm tempted by the ONI-246ZR-DGC 20oz. On denimio 246 rise looks higher than the 902 'High Rise' model.... What am I missing? How does the 246 fit?
  2. viv1984viv

    BS United Oni Denim Pics

    Some subtle fading on my 902 Aizumi's - I don't really wear jeans very hard but these have been my main pair for a few weeks
  3. viv1984viv

    BS United Oni Denim Pics

    Mine have not faded - care to post any pics?
  4. viv1984viv

    Kapital jeans

    Wow - beautiful! You're making me want to keep mine now haha!
  5. viv1984viv

    Kapital jeans

    I put my unworn Ciscos on Grailed. https://www.grailed.com/listings/6843880-Kapital-Cisco-No-5-Denim UK based
  6. viv1984viv

    Eternal 868 10th Anniversary - Arrived!

    Here you are Chambo: https://www.denimbro.com/topic4006_post112037.html#112037 I'm a bit torn on price. For me these are a grail item and part of Eternal history (they were the first to make this ultra heavy slubby fabric back in the day just before Oni and PBJ launched comparable products) so warrant a higher price. I've just priced to match the cost of my next pair. I'm open to offers, partial trades etc. I'm size 32/33 now.
  7. viv1984viv

    Eternal 868 10th Anniversary - Arrived!

    will sort full measurements, pictures and price later
  8. viv1984viv

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Chan - are those the ones I sent? Damn.... if ever there was a pair I wanted to keep for the fabric alone, just to get out and show people, over all the other denim I've owned, it'd be those. sc40500n - amazing product. I had a crush on the persimmon SC's too. Never got round to buying a pair though.
  9. viv1984viv

    Eternal 868 10th Anniversary - Arrived!

    Haha, they never really fitted me. Just hung on to them because I couldn't bear to see them go. Trying to have a clear out though now!
  10. viv1984viv

    Eternal 868 10th Anniversary - Arrived!

    I'm selling my Eternal 868s. Size 30. For some reason Supermarket isn't working for me. I can PM pics if anyone is interested. Very light wear.
  11. viv1984viv

    BS United Oni Denim Pics

    Got my Aizumi 902s today. Nice fabric and fit is really great. I plan to get a bluer pair in 902 now. Perhaps my favourite fit of all the Japanese jeans I've owned.... EDIT - have to say, I'm really curious about how these will fade. Have there been any Aizumi fade pictures posted yet?