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Is that the Sugar Cane collab you are wearing Kiya?

Nope.. same denim though..

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What better way to break in work pants than to work in them?

Roughly 16 hours of painting and minor construction:




(colour not correct obviously, and I'm also not able to "superfade" so all the lighter areas are just dust/dirt/grime...)

Will post a better, detailed review on these when I have a bit more time, and also pics of the small alterations I did.

My 7161's are also about to get a wash again, so will post an update on those soon aswell...

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So I got the Utility Jacket today, I had to go with the XL because Selfedge did not have a large (now the large is in). IT IS AMAZING. I thought I measured the length correctly but I guess not cause it was longer than expected. I think they fit is pretty good, just alittle boxy cause it is right out of the box. This thing is constructed amazingly far more than I was imagining. Its also so alot thicker than I was expecting, considering I thought Christophe said it was a every day kinda jacket. This makes me want some Sugarcanes now. Well enough of the jibber jabber here are some fit pics.




Cotton lets see the pics of your first pair of MF's

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Photo, great.

Were you planning on wearing it raw or soaking it?

Mine (L) fits me perfectly now, but I'm unsure if I want to soak it, in wich case I would need an XL, and SE is out of those....

You get where I'm going...?

Sorry man I think everything will be perfect for me after a soak.

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We've got them in Small, Medium, and Large.. Just got the Medium and Large back in stock, last ones left i think..


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