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Tried on the chinos at Mister Freedom. They are absolutely sick. I would assume the cotton is sanforized (can non-denim cotton even be sanforized?), but it still seems to shrink significantly. The sz 30 unwashed fit me almost identically to a sz 32, which they had washed. Washing also seems to benefit them by narrowing the voluminous legs, which look a little like hammer pants when still stiff.

Pea coat is also beautiful, though I have no sense of its fit.

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Also, industrial washing with denim is the worst thing for the environement (chemicals all go in our rivers), so i always opt for raw versions.

where do you think the chemicals go when you rinse the starch out of your jeans when u soak them?

ps. your line is pretty cool

Seriously? You don't get the difference between rinsing starch out of fabric and using industrial chemicals to prematurely fade and age denim?

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Holy Shiite.

Mister Freedom just destroyed Self Edge with the new collection.

Anybody local should come by and see this, it's beyond words.

For non-locals, we have something special planned for the photo shoot which will launch in one week.

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any pics anywhere of someone wearing the new denim work pants?

Mine are currently drying in the denim wash room.

They were just removed from the water an hour ago so they won't be dry for another day or two...

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let's see a pic of yours then kiya

You'll have to come by the store to see me wearing them... i'll give you a sneaky peaky.

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