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well, well, i soaked them....


the washing machine would have been an option too, but for the initial soaking, i don't trust its voodoo!


i convinced myself that all my other pants fit very neat and that i could use a bit more space!


i don't know if this logic is sound.... story of my life, whatever :D  :D


anyway, here are some sexy wet pictures!!

edit: the first pics are not sexy wet pics actually, just pre soak  :rolleyes:



measurements in cm pre soak (BIG):
w 80
fr 30
br 38
th 30 (crotch)
h 21,5
in 90,5
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Blue Nemo


Just try them on when they're dry and you will find out if they're comfortable for you or not

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Since I received a piece of xx-denim of the Orizzonti era from Flash the other day I decided to try my hand at a comparison pic with my other xx fabrics: my 506 that also is from the Orizzonti era and my 10th anni pair that I suppose World Co made (?). As you will see my jacket have been washed more than the other two. 


My photographing skills ain't very good but hopefully it adds a little value to the thread.


Left to right: Denime 10th, 506, cut off from a pair of xx. 


They are quite similar. Most notable difference is that the 10th anni denim is a little more smooth than the Orizzonti denim that have a somewhat rough and uneven texture to it without going overboard. All three have their fair amount of short hairy fibers and by comparing the cut off fabric with my 10th anni there's not much difference in how deeply they've been dyed.


Looking at the picture of the weft I was a little surprised by the yellow tint on the 506 and had to take out the garments and compare them again since they are supposedly the same fabric. Don't know if it's from the weartime, washes or if they actually use a different denim on the jackets. I never got a definite answer when I browsed/asked around before pulling the trigger.






Edit: Thanks to b_F I now know that the 10th anni denim is in fact a special run just for those pairs, not the xx-denim, and 14 oz instead of the regular 14,5 oz.

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thanks for all the info and participation that rolled in in the last posts!


i am now giving them a 60°C wash as some of you told me and we will see how this works out :-D


here are the post soak measurements:

w 75

fr 28

br 36

th 27

hem 20,6

in 85


so they are near tag size now!

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I only got my size 29 66s down to a 30 inch waist after a couple machine washes and a turn through the dryer. The waist stretches back easily but everything else continued to tighten up. For a month or so I kind of wished I'd gotten a smaller size but I've come to realize that I would have shredded the thighs quickly in a 28.

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thanks Flim! tomorrow is the day to see the results, will def post some pics and see how much it stretches back. i still hope, not so easily, but then again, the thighs really shrank a lot as you mentioned!


and i am pretty curious how my soaking treatment get the shrinkage out, so, if there is any left and how much. i like the procedure.

one thing though: i measured the waist and the hem after 30min in the hot tub and the already had the same measurements like after 2hours - meaning: everything over 30 min (maybe 1 hour) doesn't really affect the shrinkage rate.

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they are dry now, and, i really like the overall fit. not too wide nor too slim. the taper isn't really prominent at all.

the waist is a bit tight. i would like it to be tighter but i will see how much it stretches back.


the denim really gained character during the washes, its not easy to spot, but besides an even hairier finish  :huh: you can also spot some irregularities in the weave already.


post wash measurements:
w 36/72

fr 27,5

br 36

cr 26,5

hem 20

in 83,5


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as time passes i like this fit more and more, even though i thought it would be a tad slimmer and more tapered. but i am really happy with my front and back rise measurements, where the waist sits and that it still sits snug!


i will really enjoy wearing this denim during the summer. when i wear it i don't understand why i should wear heavier weight denim....


but i guess sharp fadings will not take place with this pair as the denim already is pretty soft. still don't know how regularly i am going to wash these....

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i will really enjoy wearing this denim during the summer. when i wear it i don't understand why i should wear heavier weight denim....




well said Nemo. It ain't for no reason if the average XX century man never felt the need of heavy weight denim. For me there's no fucking reason for it!

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Like all the others said: „Great pair Hoggy!“ And nice to see you posting pics again ;)


Yesterday I opened the vacuum sealed bag of my Denime 20th anniversary since these are a candidate for the DWC. I mainly wanted to compare the denim of them to the denim of the Resolute 710 because it should be similar.

The color, shade of indigo and greycast are really similar. However the denim of the 20th anniversary pair is more irregular, rougher and most noticeable: whereas the twill direction of the Resolute is very, very prominent this isn’t the case with the 20th denim.

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