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  1. I picked up a bottle of non age stated Noah's Mill that was not good. Very harsh and peanut/nutty in a bad way. I've heard it's hit or miss. Henry McKenna bottled in bond is my latest favorite bourbon.
  2. Warehouse

    Measurements from blue in green are practically the same for 800 and 1000 one wash in size 31. Can someone who's tried both comment on the difference in fit? I'm assuming the 1000 would be closer to sugar cane okinawa in the same size?
  3. Looks like you just won the lottery. I love the off set back belt loop, such a cool detail you don't see all the time. On somewhat of a side note -- do any of the vintage levis experts know if there was any overlap from what we know as the mid/late 50s details to the late 60s details? Are there details to look for that would date a pair to the early 60s before they got bartacked pockets/double chainstitched waistbands/etc. but still distiguish them from 50s production?
  4. Denime

    I only got my size 29 66s down to a 30 inch waist after a couple machine washes and a turn through the dryer. The waist stretches back easily but everything else continued to tighten up. For a month or so I kind of wished I'd gotten a smaller size but I've come to realize that I would have shredded the thighs quickly in a 28.