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Thanks b_F and yeah agreed... I could go about an inch less on the waist (taken flat) so that'd correspond to a 34.  All good and time will tell what happens with wear. 

I always recall Roy's post where he wore three consecutive sizes (or so) in the same style - and they all worked though looked slightly different.  

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I can't spot the difference in the denim on the front and back of the Lot 220As

Sporting excellent new hem job, with thanks to the very affable @Mr Black at SoaS.  The length was my shout and I should have been more ruthless with going shorter but it's all good

20230817 Denime Lot 220A 1.jpg

20230817 Denime Lot 220A 2.jpg

20230817 Denime Lot 220A 3.jpg

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6 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

Hej Lot.221 owners, are your pairs also fading that quickly like the Lot.220?

On another note, I might put my 220 in the dryer next time as I can spare some inseam length :D 

They've gotten less wear than my 220, but they do seem to be picking up fades pretty quickly. I've put both my 220 and 221 pairs in the dryer at this point. They barely lost any rigidity and I got the right amount of shrink out of them, especially in the waist.

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Updated fit pics as promised for the Lot 220A  

I haven't worn them in earnest so they haven't settled down yet e.g. unruly hem, dryer side crease

Really good jeans, though - as per previous notes - there is space on the waist and I wonder if one size down would have been better.  Interestingly, they have a similar waist measurement to my FW 1937s... which I like being more relaxed and 'anti-fit'.  I was planning on wearing these on the occasional foray into work - which translates, to me, as more closely fitting.  

Have they sold out in 34s everywhere now?  I couldn't spot anywhere with stock.

@beautiful_FrEaK would be interested in measurements on your well-worn 34s if you have chance.  I'm conscious that losing a bit on the waist, normally means losing a bit on the leg and rises.

20230830 Denime Butcher Products Alden 1.jpg

20230830 Denime Butcher Products Alden 1a.jpg

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3 hours ago, SpriteOdin said:

Does the 221 shrink the same amount as the 220a in the waist? Manufacturer notes shrinkage at about 5-6 cm on the waist but I have seen 221 to shrink just 2cm on the waist after a one wash. Will they shrink further towards 5-6cm with subsequent washes?

I found both my 220 and 221 to take a few washes and some dryer time to get the full 5-6cm shrink They'll get there, eventually.

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4 hours ago, SpriteOdin said:

Thanks. Which means I have to size according to the 5-6cm shrinkage.

Yep! But as @beautiful_FrEaK also noted, they will probably stretch a bit in the waist between washes. Depending on the fit, could be up to an inch. I went up one size from my true waist, so mine don't stretch much. 

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^those look great, and way older than they are (you started on them just a few months back, right?).


^^^fit is very good, MJF9, I reckon those will break in perfectly.


has anyone come to terms with their own pair enough to comment on sizing compared to, say, WH1001X, or SC1966? Or Resolute 714, for that matter. Want to try a pair, but can’t make sense of the sizing charts (way varied, and reported shrinkage also seems to vary a lot).


also, thoughts on choosing the 221 vs the 220? Leaning towards the 221, as the 220 seems closer to what I’ve already got going. Main criteria though, is to get as quickly as possible to something similar to those soft 501s of my childhood. Or to something out of Two lane blacktop, which probably amounts to the same thing.

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