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* Model:    **Trickers Stow** 
* Size:       UK8 (USA 8 1/2-9+)
* Leather:  Acorn
* Sole:      Commando Sole
* Price:     $400
* Wear:     Virtually New. 6 -8 hours indoor

Special makeup for Division Road Seattle with natural welt; commando sole and bicolor laces. Virtually new. All Boxes, Bags and extra laces included. Virtually new. Selling only because i mistakenly bought a 1/2 size too small. I have replaced them with a larger size and need to recover funds to pay off the Credit card. New these were $525 plus shipping or $540.



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    • By Signet
      Hello everyone! We'd like to share our latest offering. 

      They are arranged by sizes S, M, L, and XL and sold according to values Php 8888, 18,888, 28,888, 38,888, and 48,888. Online orders for these are shipped free of charge! See the Mechanics below.
      Lucky Bag Mechanics

      1. Bags are sold according to the following values:

      • Php 8,888
      • Php 18,888
      • Php 28,888
      • Php 38,888
      • Php 48,888

      Each value is further divided according to the purchasers size (S,M,L,XL).

      1. The Bags are available for purchase at Power Plant Mall and at TheSignetStore.com. Purchases of the Lucky Bag online will be shipped free of charge.
      2. Purchasers are prohibited from inquiring about the items inside a box.
      3. Bags have been arranged according to general sizing; therefore we reserve the right to disavow clients who do not get the sizing they want.
      4. All Lucky Bag sales are permanent. Returns and exchanges are not allowed.
      *Pictures of actual bundles.
      Php 8,888

      Php 28,888

      Php 48,888

    • By cmr_reed
      View Advert Red Wing Beckman-Black Klondike Size 7
      Red Wing Beckman in Black Klondike (Size 7)
      Purchased by me from Franklin & Poe this past summer
      Too small for me
      Only worn inside once
      Advertiser cmr_reed Date 12/03/2019 Price $350.00 Category shoes Brand 0  
    • By cmr_reed
      Red Wing Beckman in Black Klondike (Size 7)
      Purchased by me from Franklin & Poe this past summer
      Too small for me
      Only worn inside once
    • By mrsmiff
      Hi SuFu –
      We are Standard & Strange, based in Oakland, CA.  We're a denim-centric menswear shop.  You can find us right at 5010 Telegraph Ave, next door to Pizzaiolo.

      Our brand list is extensive, to say the least, but here's the highlights:
      Full Count
      Ooe Yofuketen
      Free Note
      Rogue Territory
      Japan Blue Jeans
      Circle of Friends
      Naked & Famous
      Thrux Lawrence
      We buy brands that we believe in, without compromise.  Initially, it was only Made In USA goods, but as we traveled and were introduced to more and more great brands, we added Canada, Japan, Europe, and the UK to our roster.
      We're constantly expanding our denim selection with the goal of being able to fit just about anyone to a great pair of jeans, whether it's N&F weird guys in stretch selvedge denim, or 18oz Momotaro Natural Tapers.  We take the same approach to shirts, jackets, boots, and everything else – we try to have fits that work for just about anyone. 
      About our name – one of my areas of interest has always been urban development, planning, and use, and one of the standout books in that area is “The Death and Life of Great American Cities†by Jane Jacobs.
      There's a passage that's stuck with me over the years:
               "Cities, however, are the natural homes of supermarkets and standard movie houses plus delicatessens, Viennese bakeries, foreign groceries, art movies, and so on, all of which can be found co-existing, the standard with the strange, the large with the small." (bold emphasis mine).
      When we found our original space – in Temescal Alley – it was on it's 3rd rebirth – originally horse stables, the store fronts in the alley had long been used as cheap storage lockers.  When we built out the space we were tearing out boards that been there for 100+ years.
      Our goal – whether it's denim, boots, or shirts – is to make sure every person coming through our door gets what they want, even if it's just a shot of whiskey and a warm welcome.
      The best place to catch us online outside of here is Instagram, and via our email list.
      Our 3-year anniversary party:

      The denim wall:

      When we needed gift cards, we went all in, and made them from brass:

      We get a bit obsessive about our denim details - here's a macro of Full Count's 100% Zimbabwean cotton:

      And another because why not:

      Kapital Century denim and aged button:

      Finally, Brandon, one of our team, getting serious about some Rogue Territory and Momotaro:

    • By FatCook
      View Advert Rolling Dub Trio "Christopher"
      For sale is a BNIB pair of Rolling Dub Trio derbies "Christopher" in black.
      Link to Grailed: https://www.grailed.com/listings/3469558-Japanese-Brand--Christopher--Black-Derbies
      Purchased as a size 9, these fit 1/2 size bigger (US 9.5). Insole length 27.5 cm.
      Comes with box and spare white laces 
      Advertiser FatCook Date 10/10/2017 Price $400.00 Category shoes  
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