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66 type jeans

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these are sooo good! I remember ohhing at these pics already in the SC thread. would you care to share a fit pic as well? I had the very same pocket bag issue on my TCB's, though no holes yet, the fabric just started to fray a little.

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OK, so this is the only fit pic I've ever taken... as you can see, I'm managing to contain my excitement.  I couldn't get a rear view with available technology — mrs mondo would probably oblige under normal circumstances, but she's got no time for this sort of stuff just now (and would probably wonder why I seem to!)


There's foreshortening due to the mirror angle... I would wear these jeans with the boots pictured (late '60s Redwings, holding up very well) and the UES belt... the Iron Heart T I would not usually tuck in.  I don't think I've worn anything tucked into these before, actually; as others have mentioned, the high back rise and long yoke make me feel like I'm making a statement of some kind.  If I get the chance, I'll take proper shots some time, as this doesn't contain much useful information.


These are waist 33, leg 34, and I'm 6'2" — no idea of my weight but I'm a 32 in non-Japanese jeans and 33 in most Japanese ones (34 in Flat Heads).  This fit has a tendency to get baggier throughout the day, so it hasn't had as much love as the denim deserves.  The fabric itself is one of my all-time favourites.



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Those sugar cane have been on my list for a while now. I remember seeing a worn in pair once and they looked fantastic, as do those above.

Evisu 2000 No1 denim. I love the feel of No1 denim, but for me the fit is a bit weird. Love the fit on the legs but generally by the end of the day I find them a bit constricting on my man parts.




Place your vote for the next one. We have







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your best fit so far IMO  :)


the denim looks real nice, (and real soft  <_< ) would you mind a macro of the texture one day?


still don't get my head around the sizing though... (ignore that pls, just try to get rid of my self pitty or the other way around)

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noooice stuff BF and Bielby!

i remember earlier fit pics of the Porky's on which they seemed to me like a much more flattering fit on your body, i thought they were possibly your best fitting pair, but from these new photos for my eye Resolute are the winners so far, with SDA close second. strange that from the measurements I've seen the thigh on the 34 was only 12inches while from your pic fits it seems that the thigh it's roomy.

those porky's still tempt me, part for the good price and part for the sheer pleasure of owning a pair of "porky's"! great name!

Bielby would you let us know which are your favourites and why? fit-wise/craftmanship-wise/denim-wise? thks beforehand

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Of the ones I've put some wear into I'd still go for the Denime 66XX, new owner or not. I love the XX denim, it feels thick but cool to wear. It's starts off smooth and hairy but as time has gone on it has become more slubby to the touch. These seem to fade fast and I love to see that electric blue popping through. And in the 5 months I've had them I've not noticed a single thread breaking.

Evisu No1 denim is worth every penny though in my opinion, very rough to the touch. I just from time to time find the fit uncomfortable. Again though not a single problem with the construction.

Resolute though I've grown to appreciate them I find the waist too big for the thigh. Sizing down is the way to go if the thighs will work as the waist stretches a lot.

I wouldn't have bought another pair apart from the meeting with Hayashi San and getting signed pair, but I think that the size down will work well.

The denim though is just so different to what I am used to from Japanese manufacturers. Once the hair has gone you are left with flat, thin feeling denim, like a smoother APC. Honestly I wonder why some of these Japanese IG bloggers have 4-5 pairs. Sounds like I'm not that keen on them all in all but they are my most worn pair of all my jeans so there must be something about them that I love.

Studio D'artisan cut is nice enough and they always make quality stuff. The denim on these feels quite open and almost woolly to me. Always feel hot when I wear them.

Fullcount is the 1800, so it's the 1108 cut with different denim. I had these tapered as they looked like flares on me. Just average for me, nothing special.

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^ quality!

the fact that you mention Resolute having a too large waist for the thighs makes me think that these would be a top fit on me, as I have a too large waist for my thighs too!

in fact I am 36 waist on most japanese jeans but the rest of my body would fit much better on a 34. too bad that the Resolute denim leaves me cold.

what about Warehouse 1100? I'd prebook WH photos for saturday if I am allowed!

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man you're the undisputed king of the 66 type thread, period!

you've got a pile of well fitting jeans, those denime's and the warehouse are all great fits on you. now you only need another lifetime to see the full potential of your denim wardrobe!


and yes I can already sense from your fit that those warehouse 1100 would be a perfect Hitler pant on me. In the meanwhile the FC1800/2 posted by Ed have whetted my denim appetite. wonder if the fabric is the same as seen here on NDNL blog:


now that's the kind of royal, pale blue that makes me excited! wonder if that's a very special edition with the levis arcs instead of the FC standard arcs.

on a side note, I'm not a a sneakerhead myself, but those adidas look mighty close to the ones I've used to play handball years ago. are they handball shoes? i dearly loved mine.

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