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went from techwear to goth ninja in a year


I don't dress in either style, really? Had a brief love affair with Techwear in like, 2013?


edit: not gonna lie though, wish I could pull off pods



I'm jelly. Almost bought one a few months back, but was too cash poor by the time the Craigslist/Kijiji deals I was waiting for starting showing up.


If you get to the US just harass Guitar Center for a 15% coupon. They give them out like candy and it makes a new Sub 37 cheaper than a lot of people want for one used.

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norse pique ls polo


some korean brand bowling shirt


our legacy weave linen tee


really big japanesse souvenir jacket from a friend in jp



bunch of new baggy pants, ann d wide wool trouser, raf 00 flares cotton trouser, cdg shirt wool linen trouser, helmut lang minimalist trouser ( cut holes in it to put a lace belt lol)


our legacy archive unconstructed blazer in wool, linen, viscose


helmut lang chain bracelet


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