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hey i think we got like a solid 2 weeks of sub-75 weather this year!


i spend most of my winters in utah tho


God, riverside. I'm sorry. It's on par with fresno (just kidding it's slightly better)

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Recently recorded edition:


DOOM print from Trichome art show awhile back.


Enough music to finish filling up one drawer.


Silent Whisper.


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too lazy to take pics of everythign else 


hermit lang cotton/nylon pant with articulated knee 



hermit range windbreaker 



cotton/nylon moleskin coat with articulated arms (shit wrinkly cause already in storage too hot)



carpe diem s23m


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Got this dope Ute Ploier flecked shirt , can't tell if the fabric has been distressed to make it appear flecked or not but it's dope regardless. Has a hidden placket which is always nice.



And also got another Ploier shirt though a trade, it's plain white on the front but with nice mix of materials on the back


Another Ute item from the roots collection iirc , nice comfy cardi. I think it's like alpaca x mohair x silk or some shit , can't remember off the top of my head. 


Oh and forgot bout these. Only £40 for a pair of trousers , fuckin bargain


Also this f/w12 bull 100% cashmere siki im bomber , will update with my own pics when it arrives (dickhead sold this to someone else and refunded me so i got this instead)


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non-clothing purchases


new wheels and tires + had two holes in my exhaust, may as well go titanium fuck canadian winters

but bless yahoo auctions and rakuten 25x point campaign paid for most of my wheels 




- WedsSport SA15R; F 18 x 9.5 +25 / R 18 x 10.5 +12

- Continental ExtremeContact DWS 265/35 + 295/35

- MCR titanium y-pipe

- Power House Amuse R1 titan y-back exhaust


coilovers next but canadian dollar weak </3




bought it as chrome purple wrap. it's no midnight purple 3 but whatever


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no synergy that's how  B)


it's just a car lol. what should i have bought? budget $8-10k CAD


car history:

- 88 honda accord

- 96 nissan maxima

- 02 subaru impreza


my go to is my motorcycle anyway. this is for rainy days, weekends, and winter

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