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beatle, I've had the pre-order tab open all week. That vest is perfectly designed for my taste. I'm waiting to hear from Ed about a Full Count Type I right now that I inquired about before your pre-order launched. Should that purchase not materialize, I am all over this waistcoat. Again, it looks just perfect.

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Thanks ******I shall wait and see - would be delighted to find your order...

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That vest is beautiful, Beatle. Really well done and the combination is perfect.




Came here to post some pics from my project, to share it with you girls/guys. And here is a little vid with some angles i did of the manufacturing. Wish there were more shots in the video and with higher quality, but it has become extremely hard to manage everything on my own... Have to get what i can get and that is it... Hope this turns out for the best! Every critique is superwelcome. I want to do this right.












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@t06u54 - the indigo folio looks amazing and points for the minimalistic design. :)

will the brass stud leather opening become loose over time from constantly being open or tear?

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^^^^ that's really nice work , do you do a tote shopping bag ?

Also what is the felt material ? It has a great look and I bet a very nice texture !

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The backpack looks great. Would be interested to see the felt (?) replaced with a wool blanket, ala denim jacket lining. That might just be me, though.  :)

Edited by Iron Horse

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Cool; would love to see the wool offered in different patterns and colors.

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Hey there! Thanks for the feedback!


The leather will wear around the button, definitely. I have two experiences with this. I have a bag with a stud button for more than a decade now, still works fine. And i have a belt with a stud button that i let behind and don't use much. It's usable, but the hole is stretched because of the obvious waist tension, and i don't really like it. I am sure that in the folios and journal it'll be fine as long as it is treated properly (like everything, right?). In the backpack case i opted for line press buttons exactly because of tensioning issues.


The burel is actually almost like a rug or carpet but obviously in a smaller and finer scale. It's super sturdy and thick and i think it's a hidden gem. It's a typical woven structure made of wool threads and then it's compacted and felted. I have my hands now on different patterns and colors, there are plenty of colors. Thinking of new, softer, bags. Let's see how it goes...


EDIT: Yeah, in the end it's a sturdy wool blanket.

Edited by t06u54

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      Whats up sufu, here I have a few things up for sale for cheap the only payment I accept is Paypal, I ship only to the U.S but willing to ship outside on buyers dime. Please PM me for any questions or concerns. Additional photos on certain items will be provided upon request. All items are new and/or worn for no more than a month. Followed instructions on how to measure on IHUK.
      ALSO I have additional photos if needed, just PM me. I can ALSO take additional photos upon request just tell me where to point it.
      -Paypal Only
      -Located in Los Angeles, Ca - Meet ups are on my time and at a public location.
      -Will consider any offers.
      IronHeart 21oz Superblack Slim Cut Jeans (The Devil's Fit) 666SB - Price - $200 Shipped
      These are brand new, I haven't worn them out of the house, no creases, no fades (these don't fade) but I did try them on, Had them hemmed at IHUK and will supply the hemmed pieces. But I did try and soak them thats why the hand pockets are a bit whiteish. Tried to stretch em but it didn't work.
      Measurements are in inches. 
      Waist : 31
      FR: 10.2
      Hemmed to 31.5


      ByBeatle- Volume One - $200 Shipped
      Unworn and unhemmed. Tried on, didn't like the fitment. Tags still attached. More photos upon request.
      Waist: 17in
      Front Rise: 11.25in
      Rear Rise: 15.7in
      Thigh: 12in
      Knee: 8.5in
      Hem: 7.8in
      Inseam: 37in

    • By elmcitizen
      Selling my Golden Nugget from ByBeatle, size 46. It's been tried on but never worn, still has the tag attached.
      Purchased during the pre-order but its just not the fit for me 

      Specifics of the shirt are here: http://bybeatle.com/products/8oz-japanese-denim-work-shirt
      Shoulder - 19.8
      Chest - 23.5
      Length - 29.9
      Sleeve - 27

      Asking $250 USD, with free shipping via USPS to CONUS (Will ship INTL at buyers cost).

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      Interest check: I'm not 100% sure wether I can make this fit work, so before I soak I wanted to check if anybody has interest in owning these.


      I wear 34 in my jeans and sized up in these. I think if you're normally wearing 34-35 these should be perfect on you.



      (I can double check, but they are pretty accurate).

      The jeans are unaltered and all tags still attached.

      Normally I wouldn't sell these, but the next months will be pretty expensive.

      PM me if you're interested and thanks for looking.
       Fixed price:  230€ plus paypal. Shipping included in Europe, +10€ rest of the world.
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