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wish i threw more food in mine.  Started to worry about peoples diets and shit.

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Hey man glad you enjoyed the package. I'm going to recommend reading the Tom Robbins book first, excellent character development. Enjoy the kicks!

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woke up feezin my tits off found a package on the doorstep big ups to whoever sent me the goods (d. smith???)



agnes b shirt
2 harriton tees
4 uniqlo socks
rxmance n bwgh totes
uu cardigan
cast of vices bracelet and cdg shirt in fit pic
taking pics of ppl who take pics of themselves book
isaora ss14 lookbook
metrosexual guide to style lmao
bwgh mag

clothes are a bit tight but its gucci ive been eatin well the cdg shirt fits good as hell tho damn takin a dump looking thru the sidneylo photobook thing rn its rad as hell thanks again man

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Every package has been pretty on-point so far!

Also, this is probably going to be a "better late than never" swap, meaning most likely everyone will get the package they were supposed to get!


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i've been so insanely busy the past month with working constant 11-14 hour days. It's finally let up at work and had the past couple days to gather some things. I'll be shipping my small, yet jam-packed package out this weekend. Sorry partner, but the explosion is worth the wait.

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just got the package from XCHEN!

I've tried the hot sauce already, its amazing.

and who doesnt like jelly beans, thanks mang!






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just got home for the weekend for thanksgiving, saw a package waiting for me from Australia. Thank you, philosophillac.


Some dope shit, really happy. Here's the image dump.









Gay magnetic climbers.



So dope!






Dope music. Will listen as soon as i get back home (no cd drive on laptop :( ).



Giant. Fucking. Zippo.

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Big thanks to Desi for the awesome package!



The Log - USN mag dated my moms'es b'day in 1944

Purple Fashion magazing - this thing is awesome

Johnny Rivers - Whisky A Go-Go Revisited japanese issue vinyl - just put this on



Western Electric poster

New Yorker magazine

Late Night with David Letterman book of top 10 lists

Propellerheads Decksanddrumsandrockandroll CD

Urban Outfitters pins

Utz Crab Chips - soooooo good

Berger chocolate creme cookies - seriously good eats



Thanks, Desi!

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Happy you liked it. Wanted to throw some more in it but couldn't find the exact pieces I wanted.

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This is great, I just stumbled on this thread a few days ago, really seems good for building community. Any idea when you guys are going to do another one? Guessing not in a while because it takes a lot of time to ship out those packages and peoples wallets are still recovering from those hefty overseas shipping rates. Gotta stay posted.  :ph34r:

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got my package from wahwho11





all in all, a weird package.  that's okay, i'm a weird guy.  gotta say that i haven't participating much on sufu, so good job stalking me. 




burg lyfe:

 - tee

 - tres bien pin

 - key chain

 - more pins

willycheesesteak action figure (LOL he' on my sufu friends list? hate that fucking show though)


sponge bob toys (?)

eddie huang book (gotta love this dude, thanks for extra copy)

head massager

corter bracelet



Carmen San Diego dvd (???)

not pictured: wong kar wai movie, In The Mood For Love



not sure if you some how knew or if i talked about it, but the way i "sealed the deal" with my girl friend was inviting her over to watch in the mood for love.  we never finished the movie if you catch my drift.  


thanks, dude.


my package will be sent soon



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Went over to the post-office to pick up a package that was waiting for me.

Big thanks to eloq! I really enjoyed opening this package and the contents inside!

He says it's: "put together to bring on a nice trek or mountaineering vacation".


Void the Brand T-Shirt.

Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar Book.
Fantastic Man Magazine.
2x Jagabee Snax.
2x Mini Skittles Snax. (Ate both already)
Old School Nike Lanyard.

YSL Pin inside a woven case.
Bent Nail.

Suspenders. (That were made in his first year of Fashion School)
Safety Rope.

Uniqlo Sox.
"Crazy Urban Myths" game.
Film Photograph.

Thanks again Eloq! I really enjoyed this package.

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Oh what is this we have?




Damn just look at that box!  Magnet closure, son!






Monocle Newspaper


Pattern Recognition

032c Manual Magazine

Modern Matter magazine about Chloe Sevigangsyss (I can't escape, she was all up in that Purple Magazine too...)

Paris, LA culture zine

Blacked out Moleskine; Pusha would approve

Blackbird and misc perfume

Rogue Territory scarf/pocketsquare

Memory stick full of hentai (so blessed)



Thanks Denton!  About to tear up over here.

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Shipped express post. My dude will get it Friday. Canadapost.ca, EM 036 554 465 CA.


I hope receiving my package will be awkward for this swap buddy as it was for the last one that had to pickup a package from Funkdoobi.

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thank you hailxenu for an incredible package!!!! my first superswap experience and I couldn't be happier. will most certainly be involved again. 







  • Fragrances from House of Matriarch
  • Stickers +rep for Trichome - elevated glassware and design!!!

  • Incense

  • Curry (this looks incredible!!!)

  • Energy supplements/sporting paraphernalia - perfect for once I find my way back to the trails

  • Candy

  • Marikami aka runners bible!!!!

  • Amazing super soft t-shirt

  • Special ciggies! 

  • A very kind and heart warming note

Thank you kindly Hailxenu!!

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I will definitely take part of the next round, this thread gave me smile every single time I checked the new reply haha.

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