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Holy fuck if it's like 100 to ship I'm not going to have enough to send out my package haha


American shipping prices are normally far more reasonable. Aus post has rape prices, well Australian international shipping generally. It probably doesn't help that my package was 4kg+.

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on the note of shitty australian post stories, I'm pretty sure a couple of the things I was going to send have just disappeared in transit. FUCK YOU AUSTRALIA POST. Will hopefully get some more dope stuff to make up for it and ship first thing next week


not looking forward to ridiculous shipping prices either but hey, was kinda expecting that

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shipping on monday.  unless i think of something else to put in there.


edit - received pack from dabestspoona.  will post pics... also on monday prolly.  second swap in a row i got supreme box logo sticker.  might decorate outgoing box with em.

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KAG on the back of the snacks.


tenugi, suicide club prequel(?), sense mag, bad day mag.



last, but not least, my first bape product.  bape bape bape.  thanks again tacotron. i wish you the best of rep.

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So its past the deadline, but a few people have contacted me saying they will send out their packages soon and I trust them.


But what about the other people we/I haven't heard from in so long? In a couple of days I will be sending out messages to those who have not sent yet. Eventually if packages still are not sent, the people who are supposed to receive packages will be told who their partner is, neg trains, care packages, etc. let's not go down that route guys.

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Kind of shit the bed on getting mine shipped out. Could have done it to weeks ago but just kept putting it aside, regardless sent it out after work today should arrive at it's destination next week.

Above package it killer as well. Looks like Some solid reading.

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