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Superswap v9 - PM YOUR INFO TO TACO


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Random check in-


how's everyone doing with their packages? I'm currently working on something for everyone (that's related to a personal project). I hope people are having fun with this :)

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My gf is helping me out, she's an artist so she's hooking someone up with some cool stuff. Also got a little something something while I was in Japan. This is my first time with superswap and it's been fun!

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wowow am i the first to receive their superswap gift?! :) unfortunately i'm in indonesia but i'm having my sis open and video chat me while she does (good excuse to get that younger sibling love) tomorrow and can't wait!!


shipping mine out tomorrow as well (yes i'm totally late)!! but contents are from 3 different continents so.. totes worth the wait i hope!

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I found out today that my Superswap package has been sitting at the post office since last week! I only got a delivery notice today! You've got to believe me, I'm innocent, innocent! 


So, Lendo send me a super nice package that really made my day. I took pictures. 



The box. 


I'm VERY excited about these. I'm putting them in my earthquake survival kit so I can do a lil' looting when shit goes down. 





Right up my alley-- I love Philip K. Dick. And this little wooden painting is amazing. 




A letter, flattened penny (did you know we don't use pennies in Canada anymore?!), Virginia Rainbow sticker, mini pigs,
"blank" card and also the code for a music download (not pictured, because I redeemed it) for the album Eclipse Of Man by MAäSK. 

Thank you very much Lendo! :) (I sent you a card in return, so tell me when it gets there!) 

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