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helicopter was brought out to shut down my afterparty


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thoughts on problem, iamsu!, tyga, yg, ty$ etc? (i prefer them over kindreck lemur tbh)

thoughts on ross's verse on uoeno?

have u ever "hit yo ricky (||)" ?

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was this your jbeezy? get back on board bruh the fake bitches you hang out with will only make you more depressed. have a fulfilling life of jawns and wholesomeness. in the end you will feel hollow inside.

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ayo eL. Ron. Take this enneagram test and share your results. I'm almost positive you're a 3 (I'm a 7 which is similar, but how we crave praise from other people makes us different).


I know you're busy ballin' out and whatnot, but you can probably do it one handed while eating pizza.

Take the 2nd one, the one with the instinctual variant.

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yea man, it's pretty telling. And not in some horoscope type way where every description could apply to anyone. It's really specific, and digs past the ego and the walls we put up to protect ourselves. Pretty interesting stuff if you take the time to answer honestly, and aren't afraid of seeing your weaknesses. I had you pegged as a 3, which looks like a close 2nd, but probably don't know you well enough to say for sure. Dig into it more, it's interesting stuff.

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top 3 is about right like it says

i'm being completely bold/honest/100% here and as for Type 3, i'm definitely not into the whole seeking validation thing

i can honestly say it's just my ego always wanting to be the exception to society; young father/minority/not the typical straight A asian/non college grad/etc... you get the idea

yet have been on the path to success since a very young age and only progressing further

i like to be THAT young tattoo'd fuck up that puts up a 275-325 income every year while also raising my son well

just a big fuck you, i did it to society

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Wing 1w9 - 16.3

Wing 9w1 - 15.7

Wing 9w8 - 14.5

Wing 1w2 - 14.3

Wing 7w8 - 14.2

I don't know about this test, i'm far from being a peacemaker, I tend to speak my mind more often that not regardless of the expected reaction so while i am an optimistic person i definitely do not avoid conflicts.1 is pretty spot on though.

how do we delete posts? i quoted my post instead of editing and only noticed after i sent it in.

Edited by Egpt
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