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  1. General TV show discussion

    westworld owns.
  2. japan :: tokyo :: general

    I guess the real question then is, why the decline? how did japan fall from grace? I remember when I was a kid, I saved up money over months to go to Sam Goody for that dope new sony walkman. nintendo used to blow my mind with the quality of games they produced, nowadays not so much. is it just the age-old tale of resting on laurels?

    price drop, and entertaining best offers.
  4. General TV show discussion

    not much of an MMA fan, but this is a dope series. provides fascinating insight into the fight business, but the real interest is in the dude conor mcgregor. the man's got the mindset of a champion; it's cool to see someone so determined, and the fact we get to see a brief glimpse into the work he puts in, makes this series worthwhile. give it a shot, amigos (even if you don't watch MMA). you may just be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Anime / Manga

    parasyte is like The Strain, but like, 100x better.
  6. https://twitter.com/BellaMarxe/status/486099399827660800 can you please explain the seeming hoverhands here, ronnie? your left hand is the major offender, as it seems you've got some 3-point-of-contact on each hand rule going on. slow sunday, and I was just thinking this thread would greatly benefit (by a minimum of 2-300%) from your interactions with your thots. ronn's thots.
  7. General TV show discussion

    yeah, i gave up on boardwalk after the first episode of this season. just didn't seem worth it. it's turned into a boring self-masturbatory time piece. on the other side of the ending strongly spectrum, ray donovan has really hit a crescendo as it seems to be wrapping up. highly recommended.
  8. General TV show discussion

    http://attheknick.tumblr.com/ so this is the future of television on the internet. official tumblr pages with tons of goodies to digest. ready-made gifs for immediate widespread use, how-they-did-it breakdowns. cool, cool, cool. now I can appreciate the tumblr pickup by yahoo.
  9. General TV show discussion

    man the knick eps 5 was beautiful. choice of perspectives, lines packed with so much meaning, just another Tuesday at the Knick, everything is so goddamn beautiful. quickly becoming one of top 5 tv shows of all time for me. personally excited for blue-eyed brown-hair's sex scene, hopefully they don't make it too short. my favorite type a bird.
  10. General TV show discussion

    just finished the knick eps 2, and man is it good. it's like true detective level of excellence. we've only just entered the golden age of tv and shit's only getting better boys..
  11. Azn Gurlz I Would Wife

  12. General TV show discussion

    holy shit the tyrant is boring as fuck. it's like watching paint dry. i'm done with it.