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helicopter was brought out to shut down my afterparty


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top 3 is about right like it says

i'm being completely bold/honest/100% here and as for Type 3, i'm definitely not into the whole seeking validation thing

i can honestly say it's just my ego always wanting to be the exception to society; young father/minority/not the typical straight A asian/non college grad/etc... you get the idea

yet have been on the path to success since a very young age and only progressing further

i like to be THAT young tattoo'd fuck up that puts up a 275-325 income every year while also raising my son well

just a big fuck you, i did it to society

started from the bottom now you here. :D

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you better do kikkane off of one of those girls assholes then eat a slice of pizza or im disappoint

reminds me of

if i was single i'd be butt fucking strippers with a coke-covered cock. instead, i am writing checks to the utility company and putting money away for my kids' college.
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