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  1. Most likely, yes.
  2. Two old girls getting married. One of whom I fucked while she was with the current dude. I wish them both the best, but I can't help wishing it was different. Freedom sucks sometimes.
  3. Was there a particular reason you got Plato tattooed on your arm?
  4. Bottle of rye and spiritualized bad idea
  5. Back from the dead.
  6. I use Aesop's B&T and its really nice, but not great value for money. Used to use Baxter of California's toner and that was fantastic, it left my skin squeaky clean but the packaging was awful and leaked when traveling. I'd suggest trying that.
  7. more here:
  8. Sugi is really nice. Huge woodsy cedar without the bitter chemical notes other cdg scents have. I bought a bottle, my only complain is the longevity. It lasts plenty long on the skin but is almost untraceable in the air after a few minutes.
  9. whoaa
  10. Has anyone seen the grey lunarglides available online? Seems like all the usual retailers are limited to the red and orange ones.
  12. Whiskey and them hood thangs
  13. Nycos in black would be nice.
  14. I didn't realize there was such a demand for the EGxVans. I went in on Friday, the place was empty, they took my phone order for pickup first call no problems, and they seemed to have a bunch of stock left. Go figure.