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Heavyweight Denim Championships 2013 - 2015 - Official Thread


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Fantastic looking denim guys and gals, I will get a few photos in the next couple days here when we get some proper lighting. It's all dark and rainy/snowy here at moment, which doesn't make for the best photos. I will later be submitting some studio photos also for the final judging.

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Wore the jeans skiing at Deer Valley today. Had to keep snowpants on top of them most of the time... Those giant holes lead to cold legs otherwise! Kind of flat lighting on a tree run... will have final updates soon!

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^^^Cander49 You remind me at my 25 oz IH jeans which enjoyed a lot of skiing this winter season.

But without big holes yet ha ha

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Impressing shots cander49

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Thank you. Indeed, they're close to semiretirement now. Gave them another wash last night and will probably ut wear them occasionally from now on. But as it is the lightest coloured pair I own it will be hard. Most clothes just look & feel better with that pair compared to a completely dark pair.

I totally agree Max. With my well worn pairs all my vintage t-shirts look great but not if I'm wearing a new dark pair. When wearing a new pair I switch over to my collection of new t-shirts.

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HC-SF-103 Samuari S5000vx 25oz 15th anniv.


Final update pics, was lucky and got some unexpected sun yesterday. The color varies a lot depending on background so here is a mix.


First the front:









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Mango. sorry mistakingly neg repped you on my IPhone

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Ok, here goes my final update! I'll make sure I continue to wear them hard for the final 3 days, but I doubt I'll have much change in that time! Looking back over the 2 years, what's most striking to me now is just how little indigo is left, despite only 16 washes, all either by hand or on a gentle wash (all but 1 or 2 with woolite). I went out of my way to not artificially remove indigo by washing, but it's gone from all of this wear anyway. One other thing to keep in mind is that I really worked hard to keep these from falling apart with frequent repairs until ~4 months to go, when I gave up on that, so all of the tearing is just from a few months. Final fit pics part 1:
















Those Quoddys have been my most worn shoes over the span of the contest. I've had them for 2 1/2 or 3 years now, and while they're not necessarily the most fashion forward - I wear a plain t-shirt most days, so I'm not very fashion forward to begin with - they're super comfortable and they're still in great shape.

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Final pics of the jeans themselves. They were probably more of the typically desired "jawnz" status after somewhere between 12 and 18 months, when they hit max contrast. I've worn them so hard that, at this point, there's just almost no indigo left to show the contrast they originally had. That said, I'm really happy that I managed to stick to these so far past the typical point that people wear denim. Oh, on the note of it being a bit difficult to continue wearing these, yes, my underwear is obviously visible through those thigh holes when I'm walking around. Haha.


















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Progress of the front over time. It's funny how much the color changes depending on length of time since a wash:
















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Fit pics over time. It took a couple months for them to break in enough to look good worn, but I really liked how they fit for most of the time:


First one is before I put them into a quadruple cuff:


















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