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Heavyweight Denim Championships 2013 - 2015 - Official Thread


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Current Challenges - Challenge 1 COMPLETE

1) Denim at the movies - with the summer blockbuster season just around the corner we have a movie themed challenge. Wearing your Heavy Denim you must either recreate your favorite movie poster and post the picture, or film a recreation of a clip from your favorite movie and post it up.

2) Denim Devils/ Denim Angels - post a picture and details of yourself doing either a good deed in your denim (if you're an angel), or a random act of spite (if you're a devil). Remember, Karma is a bitch.

3) Dirty Denim - As simple as it gets, give your denim a dirt bath, show them no respect, treat them like dirt.



HWDC Challenges - Round 2 COMPLETE


Just a brief reminder that you only have to do one of the three challenges. Close date for this set is August 4th.


1) Make you famous. Find a celebrity (can be local, national or international), and get your denim picture taken with them.


2) Sports star denim. Lets see your denim get active and play a little sports.


3) The great outdoors. As we in the Northern hemisphere are fast approaching our summer time, lets get outside and see some nature.


There, not too difficult is it?


HWDC Challenges - Round 3


Ok, ok, I know I'm a day early but what the hell right? For the next three challenges we go through 3 HWDC themes, allow me to explain......


HWDC1 - Heavyweight Drinking Challenge


10 drink minimum and we want to see every one of those drinks, plus the state you're in after them. For those who are wondering, yes I am talking about booze.


HWDC2 - Heavyweight Driving Challenge


Get in your motor and take us somewhere cool, show off your wheels and head out on to the open road. WARNING - this challenge is NOT to be performed in conjunction with challenge 1.


HWDC3 - Heavyweight Drawing Challenge


Ok artists, sow us your skills. Lets see your denim related drawing, painting or computer generated artwork, which must (obviously) be denim related.



Go forth and challenge it up Champs, this set of challenges will self destruct on October 27th.


HWDC Challenges - Round 4


​1) Scary Denim - As Halloween is almost upon us, show how terrifying you can be in your jawns with a truly shocking denim pic. Don't be shy on the blood and gore.


2) Changing Seasons Denim - Up here in the Northern hemisphere the seasons are changing from summer to Autumn/ Fall, whereas the Southern hemisphere is looking forward to Summer. Capture and image that best represents the changing seasons to you and your jeans.


3) Denim Vs Food - This one is dead simple, take your denim out for some epic eats (or at home) and capture the experience for us all to share with you.


Challenges end on 27/01/14.


HWDC Challenges Round 5 COMPLETE
1) Introduce your country.
As this is a WORLD Championship you should use the opportunity to showcase an aspect or aspects of your countries history or culture. These can be as broad or as specific as you like and you can choose to show as many as you would like so long as it is unique to your country.
2) Love is in the jawns.
It's valentines day, show us your romantic side.
3) Working in work wear.
It's work wear right, so work in it !


Challenges end on May 1st 2014.



Finally.......... HWDC Challenges Round 6 COMPLETE


1) Show your support - As the FIFA World Cup is almost upon us, show your support for the country of your choice, and do it in your denim!


2) Home improvement - we already went to work in our jeans, now get those household chores started.


3) Music to my jawns - make music, dance to music, set your jawns to music. 


End date for the challenges is August 4th 2014.


HWDC Challenges Round 7


1) Washing jeans is a controversial and emotive subject for some, share how you clean yours. What's your method and why does it work for you? Pictures please.


2) Don't wash your jeans, if your jeans remain unwashed give us some denim close ups and tell us why you believe that dirt is the way forward.


3) Running repairs. No doubt that some heavy champs jeans are getting pretty beat up, let's see those repairs and talk us through them.


Challenges end November 4th.

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For all those who want to compete in the Heavyweight Competition

I proudly present the bybeatle volume one

Available via pre order until April 1st @ Rivet&Hide

Mid rise slim fit with tapered leg

17oz raw selvage denim milled in Okayama

rope dyed with 24 dips

10oz Cotton twill hickoree pinstripe pocket bags

raised belt loops

half lined back pockets

all threads in UEJ polycore

doghnut buttons in cox

hidden rivets and exposed rivets in cox

reinforced crotch detail

shrink to fit

The crotch detail takes all strain away from the weakest sewing point in a pair of jeans - which is the point where inner seams and top block of the jeans meet. We had a good chance to test it on our fit model Robin - and yes, it works!

The threads are all polycore for superior durability, but these ones are even more special since they are supposed to fade in a vintage way - like the original cotton threads used to do.

Once soaked the denim will weigh in at about roughly 18oz. The texture has a super interesting feel to it, a hint of slub with a nice sheen - almost like a cross over between Samurai´s 17oz 5000VX denim and a PBJ 005 combined with the darkness of a Momotaro denim.

These jeans are meant to be worn true to size , the seat and rise will accommoadate for biking and an active life style - our model Robin usally wears a size 32 and was just about able to squeeze into a tagged size 30- bare in mind, before soak.

The bybeatle volume one will retail for pre order and the heavy comp exclusively through Rivet & Hide, the link will be up on March 5th.

All pre orders will get a discount of 10% and all jeans qualify for a spot in the heavyweight championship










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Hall of Fade made a very successful collaboration with Artist Denim using a 21oz Japanese selvedge sanforized denim fabric in sulfur dyed black and synthetic dyed indigo. The denim was made with 100% Zimbabwe cotton. It was their very first collaboration denim that came limited to 50 pairs of indigo and 25 pairs of black.

Interesting details on the black pair would be the black thread stitch, red selvedge lining, double chain stitch construction, heavy duty cotton bags, thick cow hide leather patch, YKK rivets and buttons. Each front pocket bag is printed, on the one side there's a very useful method of keeping track on the number of wears and the start date. The cut is slim tapered.

For the HWDC, Hall of Fade is putting up 1 collab pair in a size 29 black as a special prize. To win this iconic piece of Hall of Fade history, all you'll have to do is stave off washing your jeans.

That's right, no washing or soaking of your HWDC denim for as long as possible. The last person to wash their denim wins. We'll be keeping track from all the updates. We know all of you are good honest folks but we'll be keeping tabs on the updates all the same.

Hall of Fade has decided to put up this special category in this contest in the hopes to seek out that dedicated individual who pursues nothing but great character in their denim fades. So best of luck each and every one of you, looking forward to participants pushing past the 1 year mark.

Hall of Fade announcement here: http://halloffade.com/heavy-weight-denim-championship-round-2/




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The Official

Heavyweight Denim Championships 2013 - 2015


are now ready for PRE-Order

You will be able to order shirts until February 22nd 2013.

All orders will ship by February 28th 2013.


CLICK HERE -->http://www.jimmycrow...dc-shirts2.html

And we are happy to announce one more colaboration!

Ebbets Field Flannels will produce a special edition Heavy Champ baseball cap

Here are the specs - and some tasty pictures - link for preorder

Standard cap /semiadjustable

Crown: Navy wool

Visor: Navy wool

Under visor: 7oz Duck , mustard (FD7-MUS)

Button: Navy

Eyelets: Navy

Sweatband: Black

Seam tape: Black

Stitching: Navy





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^ I agree. ALOT has happened within the 3 months. I, thank you Mega and Beatle for making this happen and the time you have put to get all these awesome events together. I am going to support this all the way. Now I'm wondering what that "special prize" that Beatle is offering :rolleyes:.

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To clarify a couple of points....

- you can post on whichever and as many forums as you want to, I only need you to pick one to put into your unique registration number.

- donations are voluntary, but appreciated :-)

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Credit to all people make this history in the making happening.Especially to :) legendary MEGA & Beats.

Cant wait to participate.

Merry christmas & heppy new year to all my fellow SUFU. :)

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Hope this is the correct place to post this, and also hope this doesn't get buried too quickly...but I'd like to make an offer to one member who is participating in this competition....

I will cover the $25 donation for a member who PMs me with why it would be helpful to them. Obviously this will be an honors system and will be subjective on my part. What I ask is that you are a student, or right out of school just starting off in your career. I remember back in my college and graduate school days where $25 meant I could be well caffeinated for a few days while in the lab running experiments. I also remember when I started getting into raw denim about 6 years ago that I chose ramen noodles over real food for a month to be able to pay for a pair. I'm sure some of you out there cut back on something to buy the contest pair or another pair for the competition.

Please send me a PM with just a few sentences why it would be helpful to have this covered for you. The deadline is noon (12pm EST) this Friday. Throughout the year I try to give or participate in charity as much as possible, and now at the end of the year I look back at the opportunities I have had and the items I have been able to purchase and want to do a final good deed before 2013.

Looking forward to the next two years!

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I know we said that contributions were voluntary, but 76 contestants and only 7 contributions, damn.

We need to at least cover the cost of the Championship Belts, and I was hoping to get a contribution towards some of the events, and the costs that we have paid out already.

I argued against myself to charge a compulsory $10 for entry, maybe I was wrong.

What are everyones opinions on contributing, should we have made the competition smaller so it didn't need funding? Should there have been a $10 charge?

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Contribution sent! At first I felt a $10 entry fee wouldn't/shouldn't be necessary, but maybe it could weed out some of the less serious people... Maybe build it into the DoubleXX shirt? I'd gladly pay more for a badass shirt that simultaneously helps the cause.

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It's the way of the world Mega, if people don't have to pay the majority won't. Maybe once the jeans arrive and the comp starts more donations will come in. (Fingers crossed)

I'd of gone for the $10 charge. It's not a lot and folks clearly have the cash for their chosen denim then another 10 bucks on top shouldn't break anyones bank.

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Thank you sincerely, if it makes anyone more comfortable I am happy to ....

a ) Stop at $500, which will cover the belts and costs we have paid so far. I will cover food and beer costs for UK events.


b ) Publish accounts to show everyone exactly where the money goes.

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