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  1. Warehouse

    I may stick to the 1001 then for a little extra room. I haven't been a fan of what I have seen with the 800 yet. I'll look into the 1101.
  2. Warehouse

    Thank you. I don't need a strong taper, I have those now in the Full Count and a pair of Skulls. Just looking for something different than the Samurai S5000VX which I have enough variations of for the moment. Would you say the front rise on the 1001 is similar to the S5000?
  3. Warehouse

    Could someone please help me out with the sizing of the 1001xx? I have a new pair of Fullcount 1110xx (slim taper) which I really like, but the rise is a bit high. Samurai S5000vx seem to be the best fit for me, but I wanted a pair with some taper. What is the rise like and the leg opening on the warehouse 1001? I've been checking on the measurements online, but figured I'd get a better answer here.
  4. Anyone in the Bellevue or Seattle, Washington area? I'll be there a week from now for almost a week. Would be cool to catch up with other heavyweight contest people.
  5. Challenge 5 update... While I am from Philadelphia, PA...I currently live in the middle of nowhere Ohio. The prison where Shawshank Redemption was filmed is like 25 mins away from me. The girlfriend and I went to a murder mystery dinner there....I made a guess who the murderer was and won a few items...one being this patch....the girlfriend is in front of the prison.
  6. Flathead Native check orange - size 44 NWT

    New price....$175.00 plus 3% for paypal shipped in USA.
  7. Haven't updated in a while... On behalf of Fireburner (HC-SF-123) And me...(she talked me into this pose)
  8. Belts

    The utility belt on his site says 12-14 oz...sorry...I was reading it on my phone! Ok...so, 12-14oz is like 5 mm....guess they are about the same. I feel dumb :-)
  9. Belts

    I was hoping someone could help me out...I was checking out the Samurai A104 and it seems really thick, but says it is only 5-8mm. Corter, for example, says like 12mm in thickness. Anyone have experience with both of these belts? I'd looking for a very nice thick natural belt. Thanks!
  10. Flathead Native check orange - size 44 NWT

    Still available. Might accept reasonable offers.
  11. The Flat Head

    Cold Summer - I agree with the stitching of the RM from my experience as well. Mine did last about 4 years before certain spots needed to be fixed. The shirt I have is the work shirt....still just doesn't fit me well. I didn't look close enough that you had the western version on. Maybe a 46 would work out better... I'll have to see next time I am looking around to get something.
  12. The Flat Head

    Yeah, the let down of getting something you so badly want and not having it work out really just sucks. What's the wallet like? I've seen them online and they look great, but I'm not ready to part with my 7 year old red moon yet. I hear the quality of FH leather puts my red moon to shame.
  13. The Flat Head

    I'm really not trying to hawk my wares. I'd love to see this shirt go to someone who will enjoy it and things seem to get lost quickly in the market. I wish I could find flat head shirts that work for me. I love the fabric and everything about them. They just aren't cut right for me. I'm not even sure if their size 46 would work. Just too much taper in the body for my frame.
  14. The Flat Head

    With all of the talk about the native check shirt, I finally put mine up for sale in the market. I am not just trying to use this as a shameless plug, but it is the orange one Cold Summer has on. It is just cut too slim for me no matter how much I tried to take off a few pounds! I really wish I could find a FH shirt for me, but I have tried a few and none seem to be a good cut for me. Edit - size 44...and too slim for me...never knew I was THAt fat :-)