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Heavyweight Denim Championships 2013 - 2015 - Official Thread


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...a very nice 32 oz tote bag with super thik leather patch and belt straps...

Now THAT is way f'g cool. Congrats Max. 

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Hey guys, pardon my delay in posting these photos! I got my prize in about a month ago, but had the intention of fixing up my jeans before I wore them to take photos with it. Alas, there is so much work to do on them that it will probably never get done. Haha. So, I've decided to just post photos with my jeans all torn up.


Here's the bag in all of its glory:




I thought leather and studs looked cool with leather and studs:







Me wearing it in my contest jeans:







And, here's where it sits in my apartment:


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Better get my first pair of 22.5oz, just in case there's a heavyweight competition for 2018-20!

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