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  1. Warp and Weft is a film highlighting US Superfuture members and their denim. The film will be primarily interview-based, and will cover topics like "how you got into raw denim", "why they chose the particular pair they are wearing", and "their primary interests in SuFu", among many other areas. Superfuture members can come to be interviewed, as well as show off their current/past jeans. We would love to make this film somewhat of an archive of Superfuture’s denim, and a “time capsule†of Superdenim’s members and the raw and selvage denim community today. The film is aimed to reach both "veteran" and new denim enthusiasts. There will be a lot of info and terms used by SuFu members to educate new enthusiasts, and hopefully enough footage and interview (partly with your help) to interest some of the members who have been around for a while, including interviews with Beatle (Who, with JimmyC, has created a special edition DoubleXX shirt for the film), Kiya from Self Edge, Roy from Roy Denim, Gordon from Blue in Green, RingRing, Lynne Downey (Historian and Archivist from Levi's), Andrew from 3Sixteen, as well as many others that we are getting in touch with as time goes on. The terminology, opinions, and viewpoints will solely be driven by denim experts and SuFu members and their interviews. We have ZERO plans or interest to make money on this film. It is being made out of our own interest and passion, and for the Superfuture community in mind. Because money doesn't grow on trees we do have a Kickstarter campaign going for the film over the next 30 days (see link below). update: Kickstarter was very successful, thanks to you all! if you would like to pre-order anything, please PM me and I will make it happen. The only thing that is not available on the Kickstarter are the DoubleXX shirts, they have all been sold! Other than that, treat the Kickstarter as the current window to the Warp and Weft store. The film will also highlight a persons quest to find and decide on his first pair of raw selvage denim, and how the process works. He will be guided by the users and guru's we speak to as filming goes on and be able to pinpoint what he is looking for based on the expert opinions of you all. The abbreviated itinerary thus far: Kiya and Self Edge New York and San Francisco, possibly Los Angeles Gordon and Blue in Green Andrew and 3Sixteen Roy Slaper and the Roy workshop Lynne Downey and the Levi's Archives Mike Hodus and Rising Sun Spencer Lemon and Unionmade Goods, possibly Carl Chiara (Formerly of Levi's) Beatle from Superfuture RingRing from Superfuture and beyond... Ashley and Ruell and Ray Denim Steven and Railcar Fine Goods Daniel and Feltraiger Luke from Hartford Denim Co. As well as these Superfuture Users (Note: if you do not see your name on this list but feel you should, you have either not contacted me or not confirmed your availability): randomkoreandude trafficjam ADH92 Stacks Face Corporalclegg Xcoalesce LandoCal126 Laxlife1234 RawAsDenim Smd Klue Planetarium deadendpro As well as others who either contacted me through regular email (And not given me their handle) or are not part of Superfuture. As I stated before, this film is can only be made with your help by participating. If you are interested in being filmed and can meet in one of the 4 locations, please send me a supermessage or email at [email protected] We will be shooting the footage between January and March of 2012, starting with the east-coast locations. With your email of interest, we will add you to a monthly/bi-monthly email list to keep you informed of the progress of the film, and also to serve as a reminder to you of when we will be coming to your city to film you. After all, this project cannot be completed without you! Lastly, ANYthing you guys wish to see/cover in this film, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Either by emailing us or responding in this thread. If you have a question or statement that you think others on this board would benefit from, please post in this thread rather than messaging. We really hope to make something beautiful that you all can appreciate, and mostly have fun! Also, let’s turn this into a couple of big east-coast/west-coast meet ups! Everyone can see the pictures we all post online, but seeing these beautiful pairs on film and in person is a completely different experience. Thanks guys (and gals), we hope to hear from you and see you in the near future. Filming Dates Update: january washington, dc - tbd new york city: 21st – 23rd 27th- 29th sufu interview shoot date: saturday, jan 28th february san francisco 23rd – 25th sufu interview shoot date: friday, feb 24th los angeles 25th – 28th sufu interview shoot date: sunday, feb 26th an email went out to people who've expressed interest in being part of this, but we still would like more participants! let me know if you'd like to be in the film! pm me or email [email protected] Devin, Mehdi, and InnerfaceFilms. Warp and Weft KICKSTARTER! Get cool stuff here and help with the project! Warp and Weft on Facebook Warp and Weft on Twitter http://www.warpandweftfilm.com/
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