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Heavyweight Denim Championships 2013 - 2015 - Official Thread


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The HWDC2 ends in a little over a week's time, two years has almost passed and we all probably need a little reminder of happens next. So here is how it is going to work…

- Special threads will be created on Superfuture and the Iron Heart forum for those still actively competing to make their final submissions.

- All final submissions must be made into these threads only in order for them to be judged.

- Those submitting images will be checked to ensure that they are active participants in HWDC2.

- All final submissions MUST be made before May 1st.

- The judging process will begin on May 1st with division winners announced on or around May 16th.

- The overall winner will be announced on June 1st 2015 and put in contact with our sponsors to receive their prizes.

- Judges decisions are final and not open to questioning.

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I need to go run to borrow a good camera so that I can actually get a good representation.

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Perfect. My brother, who has a super nice camera setup and does professional shoots on the side (engagements, portraits, sports, etc) is in town for a few days starting tomorrow, so we'll see what he can do for me.


By the way, how many active participants are left? Seems like we've dwindled a bit here on SUFU, but there are still quite a few. How many are on the other forum?

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yeah, let's see, how many people sre still in this contest at the end of the month

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Cool! It seems like there are at least a dozen really great pairs at this point! Will you guys announce 2nd and 3rd for each category as well, or just the category winners?

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Looking forawrd to all submissions. I'll try to take my shots and submission today (while I make use of my 6 LP Sun Records Box that just came in). Just a thought - I will probably add some of my favorite pictures of those two years and show the evolution. Would love to see other's do the same, as it's hard to keep track of all posts.


I think I'll play it like this:


1.) The judging pictures: front, back, details

2.) Front Evo

3.) Back Evo

4.) Favorite Pictures


Hope this is not consiedered spamming, but it could make the last pages of this thread an awesome conclusion of theose 2 years.

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4.) Personal favorites


Met some great people and made new friends (if you look closely, you can see almostnice, JCMx800, Dr. Pat, Blue_Nemo and probably some others)




Went to a few livegigs and met Tegan&Sara and the awesome Nate Newton



Had my jeans chainstitched at DC4. Great guys and missed much.


Did some travelling (though I didn't take them to the bigger trips I did these years)




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Thanks for your final updates Flo.


I myself will also try to post a very few pics from my out of the contest judges IH 25 oz pants just taken with my old I-Phone after the contests end

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Great update Flo, I'll start the final submissions thread at the beginning of April, can you move them into that when it is up please?

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