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Really? I don't like tapering, though, so that rules out the NC. Should I just size down more? Or go for PS? (Still haven't figured out how PS compares to NS and NC...) [EDIT: Meh, never mind, looks like PS is tapered too.]

i reckon size down

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been posted yet?

APC’s Butler Worn Out line caters to both thoughts. The idea: Customers bring in nicely worn jeans and donate them. In return they leave with a new pair at half price. The donated pair is initialed with the name of the original owner, cleaned and returned to the sales rack. An interesting idea in that it generates brand allegiance. A bit odd in that it conflates the realms of new and used in a single transaction. Get a worn pair or donate your old now at the Mercer Street Flagship store.

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man, I just got my apc ns in size 28 and it is not tight at all. My apc nc in 29 looked a little tight so I just sized down in apc ns. I had absolutely no problem buttoning or puttin these suckers on. Should I stick wih apc ns 28, apc nc 29, or just size down to a 27? 3 options I feel like. Here are the apc ns in 28:ns1ym3.jpgns3xj8.jpg

APC NC 29:nc5yg4.jpgnc1jd2.jpg

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brand new APC NS, purchased from supermarket.

Size 27, hemmed to a 30 inseam.

Somewhat tight around the waist, but not tight enough to really cause any problems with buttoning or discomfort when I sit down.


opinions on the fit?

I like how they fit now, not too tight, not too loose...hopefully they don't lose their shape. I don't know if I could wear a 26 comfortably.

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One thing I dig about APC is that there are no labels or tags to identify the jeans... I remove the pin, it's in my drawer right now...

To Gregory, fit is good, I prefer a little stacking, and you should bear in mind that honeycombs will likely shorten your jeans by maybe an inch or so...

Also, If and when you decide to wash, they MAY shrink... Mine shrank almost 2 inches in length after a cold machine wash...

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