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How many pairs of jeans do you own?

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Gained a few more since last post

Kapital Cisco cinch back in No4 denim!!! ( will have these when payment clears )


Eternal 868

PBJ 005


Cloak grey herringbone selvdge - for sale

Julian Red strange calis - for sale

Julian Red Hobokens NIkki 6

Howies Selvedge

APC NS grey twill

APC NS selvdge

Really want onis or hawaiis next, or sc008 or somet slim blacks, or AI full counts or some texas denim.....

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flathead - 3001 - on hold as of now due to contest

samurai s0500xx to be rotated with contest

pbj-005 - rotated in with the sams now on hold due to contest

RRL Slim Bootcut - barely wear these but i gotta bust em out again

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i have over 20 jeans that where purchased in the last 3 years.

but i only wear like 3 of them with heavy rotation.


Puma X Evisu ( one of the best i own)

RUEHL No.925 jeans.

- i am going to throw away the others lol--

they were diesel,rock&republic,martin 0 etc-- bunch of crap..


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In the order of purchase:

Nudie Regular Ralf Dry Selvage

APC New Standard

Nudie Straight Sven Streaky

Sugarcane 1947


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i really need to stop buying..you know that feeling, where..you just gotta have more?=(

45rpm Jomon

APC New Standard

Dior 19cm mij

Dior 21cm mij

Nudie ThinFinn UltraIndigoCoated

PureBlueJapan xx007

Skull Ebony Johny

Somet 008

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1. pbj xx-005

2. apc rescue (retired)

3. dior 19cm MII black

4. dior 21cm Orange Overdye

5. cheap monday regular fit black (semi-retired)

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around 30

about 15 of which are diesels that i havent worn any of for like 2 years.

most of the rest are just random compulsive buys that i just never wear.

main rotation:

dior extreme crush

dior super stretch

april 77 pixel

april 77 grey colordrive

tsubi/ksubi scoot grey

j lindeberg frank

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I think I'm at 27 now...17 of which are raw/one-wash, 6 in active rotation:

Self Edge x Iron Heart

Self Edge x Sugar Cane

Samurai 710xx

LVC 1947 501

Sugarcane Okinawa 4032 black denim

Rag & Bone RB11 selvedge

5EP Straight Downs

Nudie RRDS

Imperial Dukes

JeanShop Rocker

Corpus Tal w/suspenders

Rag & Bone RB14

Earnest Sewn Filson Line Dry

RRL slim bootcut

Marc by Marc Jacobs


Levi's Premium 501s

Club Monaco selvedge

Seal Kay

Diesel Tiiner

Diesel Fanker

Paper Denim GTO

Earnest Sewn Hutch


Levi's Premium Austin


Diesel Kulter

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I just bought a pair of True Religion Julie Skinnies and you know what....

JEAN BAN!!!!!!:eek:

Yeah Planet Funk gets too much of my money

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