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How many pairs of jeans do you own?

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nudie thin finn dry

nudie thin finn dry black

nudie thin finn dry black coated

nudie slim jim dry

nudie slim jim dry japan

nudie slim jim dry greycast

nudie regular ralf d.s.

nudie regular ralf greycast

cheap monday tight dry indigo

cheap monday tight black

cheap monday tight red

cheap monday tight white

julian red hoboken no wash

dior 19cm indigo mij

dior 19cm black mij

april 77 grey colordrive

april 77 joey indigo

j lindeberg carl black

ande whall raker ('cause nobody has bought these from me yet!)

there may actually be more i'm forgetting (i hope not...this list is long enough)

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i went from 0 to 60 before i really knew what happened...

dior 21cm mii

dior 21cm mij

pbj xx-005

pbj xx-007

V3 grifters

streaky grifters (in the mail)

5EPxstylefoum (in the mail)

sda d1002 (need to get tapered)

somet straights

rrl slim boot

wtf was i thinking??

fucking superfuture...

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I wear jeans on a regular (almost daily) basis, so they tend to wear out in a year or two. Because of this, I'm not going to bother paying hundreds for designer jeans when I can get a decent pair for $60 at my local Bluenotes.

I bought that shit for myself when I got my first job in high school. Denim was crap (dur), but they're the first jeans I a) bought myself and B) wore the shit out of. So I still have that one pair... but damnit man, if you're going to buy cheap denim, yes, please go to H&M instead. Or, you know, save up for something decent.

List of the denim in a rough list of most-worn to least:

  • APC New Cures
  • Dior MIJ 19cm Raw Blacks Silver Selvedge
  • Julian Red Hoboken Dark Dancers
  • Filippa K White Denim
  • H&M &Now Dry
  • Levi's 514

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I’m the same as Dark, when I don’t wear shit I ebay/supermarket the shit, so, not so many, but here’s my mainstays:

19cm Dior blk

21cm Dior indigo

PBJ 007

Cloak striped selvedge (X2)

APC blk over-dye selvedge NS

Levis 501XX

and a old ass pair of PD&C that might end up as denim shants.

Wish list: CCP overlock J cut, 19cm Dior Indigo, JR Cali no wash…

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skulls 5010 6x6 (contest skulls)

black imperial dukes (tapered by denim doctors to a 7" leg opening)

levis 511 (when i know something is gon happen...that i wouldn't want to happen to my skulls or imperials)

i had 1947 sugarcanes & 1947 lvcs but sold them both when i started wearing slimmer more modern fitting jeans

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way too many, but looking to offload some:

tsubi x 7

nudie x 3

material boy x 2

lee blacks

flux (aussie label)

diesel x 5, 6 or 7 (haven't worn any of the diesel jeans for years)

plus others i haven't worn for years - eg some alphanumerics I used to skate in, booms I used to skate in, etc.

mjolk (more like pants)

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Samurai S510WX tapered19 oz export model, faded really nicely but too hot for summer

Samurai S500XX same as the contest sams, my regular fit jeans for the summer

Flat Head 4001BK, shrank too much after an accidental wash

H&M Sliq black, barely wear these

Levis 517 grey, got them for cheap, need to taper them

Greige Manufacturing Co, got a size too big and turned them into raw selvedge shorts

Wish list

Self Edge x Sugar Canes

Evisu 2000 lot 0

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My denim collection just be gettin smaller. I give away the ones I don't wear to friends in need.

the kollection be:

1. Lee Gold Japan 101z

2. random pre-distressed crap jeans bought in seoul @ Dong Dae-Mun... love these

3. Capital E matchsticks which I fucked up by hemming too short... anybody here with a waist wider than their legs and I'll mail them to you free~

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