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How many pairs of jeans do you own?

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1 Pair of very skinny fluffy slubby straight blue ones.

1 Pair of thin straight creamy black ones.

1 Pair of loose straight heavy blue ones.

I also have one pair of loose white hemp/cotton blend denim like pants but they're not strictly jeans.

I know I don't need more but I'm seriously thinking of skinny very shiny black ones. The cost is making it hard and and company I keep and places I visit mean I probably wont wear them much even though I think they look fantastic.

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are you stupid?

plus, onis samurais and 45rpms ARE going to be superior in a physical way. Cut, construction, indigo/dye quality, texture. i doubt that even 5% of americans (or whatever country youre in) even know about those brands

i myself love putting on a pair of $750 evisu's. I have 26 jeans all up. I also sell jeans from PRPS, LVC, Evisu, nudie and deisel to earnest sewn and Edwin. But too all the other denim junkies out there, not always do jeans last longer because of construcion, the quality of cotton, the loom its spun on or the thickness/ weight etc. Ive seen a guy come into work with a pair of RRDS that he'd worn for 8 months that he'd worn holes through the knee and had the crotch repaired twice and one pocket had completely torn off.

In my honest opinion of selling jeans the last 2 years is that a pair of original levis 501 redline selvage for 180AUS will perform just as well as a 600AUS pair of PRPS purple selvage if worn for labour intensive work. depending on how you move and wear your jeans every pair have their weak points.

Its just my opinion, but i also think that for a guy like the one on trial here, fit/branding dont matter, i myself would not wear anything like Lee or normal levis, because of the look and stigma but that is a personal choice all of us have to make. Sure he is not that educated on the topic but there is no need to tell him not to post, is there? I thought we were all here to learn and share idea's.

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Haha, I didn't know I was causing such controversy.

Badly cut jeans can make you look crap....and result in failure to pick up the mint bird at the pub.

They do make cheap jeans with better cuts than some, so that's what I wear. And while I'm not single, I still don't think most women (at least the ones I'd want to date) are going to care what brand of jeans I'm wearing.

Thanks Remy, that's what I've been saying all along, personal choice. I just started out saying how many pairs of jeans I own and why I choose to wear cheap ones.

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1 Dior MIJ 19cm indigo

1Dior MIJ 21cm s/s07 indigo washed clawmark

1Dior MII 21cm Dauphins

1Uniqlo S002 indigo selvedge

2 Uniqlo s000 indigo & black selvedge

2 Levis 511

2 Uniqlo T001

1 Stitch`s, fake one bought in Shanghai. Perfect fit and cut, engineered, low waist, slim on top and boot cut. Denim colour is quite nice for fake`s one, but denim is too thin.

plus I am looking for one more Dior....wether MIJ 21cm raw .

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I have way too many pairs...

Longest lasting are a pair of diesels, going on year 5 with those.

My rotation probably looks like

RRDS 3/week

APC NS 4/week

But I'll have to work something out once my PRPS arrive

I have a bunch of other nudie;s and LVC's and some black visvims that I really like, but with all this raw denim, there isn't enough time in a week

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Current rotation is 5 pairs more or less:

- Nudie Average Joe Dry Blach Selvage

- Edwin ED-55 Concrete

- Lee Gold 101Z

- Ande Whall Streaky Grifters

- Evisu 2000 No.2

Most wear goes into the Grifters right now.

15 pairs in very sporadic use.

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My entire collection is constantly changing sometimes I get sick of some and sell them sometimes they just don't get enough love and I sell them, but then i usually go out and buy another pair to replace them. as of now I have on tap

skull 5507

SDA 103

Eternal 811- which is going to be sold.

Sam- 0500

BiG sufu contest- jus arrived

nudie ES - never wear anymore

Oni- Blue

Uniqlo Black 002's

and probably some others that I have forgot about.

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