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  1. Evisu is still loved!

    How much did you end up paying total? I was interested in buying those green cast jeans as well.
  2. Dior Homme, Helmut Lang, Marc Jacbos

  3. Dior Homme, Helmut Lang, Marc Jacbos

    dior jeans sold 1
  4. Dior Homme, Helmut Lang, Marc Jacbos

  5. FS: Dior 19cm MIJ Black (31) / N&F SkinnyGuy (32)

    measurements on the naked and famous ?
  6. Dior Homme, Helmut Lang, Marc Jacbos

  7. Dior Homme, Helmut Lang, Marc Jacbos

    3. Helmut Lang raw denim indigo, selvage. Size 29 (look at the measurements) soaked once, minimal wear. $110 waist (lined up)- 16 thigh - 10.5" hem - 7" 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs grey cotton twill jeans - size 32. worn about 10-15 times. $135 waist- 16.5" thigh - 11" hem - 7.5" brown leather patch, "M, J" buttons
  8. Prices include shipping in the US. Will consider trades. (Looking for a pair of APC new standards in a 29). Will accept paypal and USPS money order. None of my jeans have been altered or hemmed in anyway, besides my fatass stretching them. Sorry about the shitty pictures... 1.Dior Homme raw indigo made in Japan 19cm size 30. Never washed or soaked, Worn less than 5 times, will trade for a 31 MIJ 19cm indigo only. SOLD 2. Dior sweater from 09, i forget what its called but it has the cool see through stitching thingy, too big for me. Size Large - $200 Brand new, without tags.
  9. FS: Nudie LAB and Organic, Naked & Famous

    Hi, can i get the measurements for the naked and famous jeans, and the average joes ? thanks.
  10. motorcycles caused me strife

    lol I bought another ninja 250r for $2900 - 2009 w/ 500 miles and full yoshi exhaust. at least I wont be raped by insurance for now. thought about getting a monster...
  11. NBA Basketball

    ugh i want to see the cavs in the finals I think they are the best matchup against the Lakers.
  12. motorcycles caused me strife

    really ? I don't know much about KTM's I usually end up buying japanse anyways. Supermotos look cool but i'll probably end up with a honda cb 350 since i've been eyeing them for a while now. Too bad they are mostly overpriced on craigslist... I saw a decent one on ebay but it had 50k miles :/ no one bid at $1400 Is 50k too much ? I probably wouldn't have bought it anyways since I should sell my bike first. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1974-Honda-CB350F-/320526335210?cmd=ViewItem&pt=US_motorcycles&hash=item4aa0dbbcea
  13. motorcycles caused me strife

    Why am I selling it ? technically because I can't afford 2 bikes but it's mostly comfort, it's a pain in the ass to ride that thing around the city because I'm too short to put both feet down so I have to be bent over to reach the handlebars at stop lights or I have to put it in neutral and put one foot on the peg to sit up straight. Sounds stupid, but it really is annoying and a sportbike is kind of overkill for me since I'll be doing mostly city riding (for the next 4 years) and I end up being in 1st gear all the time... and it's not comfortable for long rides either, it really was meant for the canyons/track. not to mention insurance costs and gas mileage. I just want to try something different (and cheaper). The ducati hypermotard is nice but way too expensive for me some bikes i'm looking at are the drz400, KTM (several), sv650, monster, cb350-550, etc. If I can't sell the gsxr for a decent price I'll probably just keep it.
  14. motorcycles caused me strife

    thinking of selling my GSXR600 for a smaller bike since i'm moving out of LA... maybe a honda cb350-500 or a dual sport (?)