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    Major shout out to @Wklcarl. Hong Kong to NY in 4 days. Shipped/ordered on the 8/7 and received today 8/11. Incredibly fast shipping, the pants are perfect 10/10 and took extra care in the packaging to make sure spec sheet would not crease in transit. This guy can't be beat. Highly recommended Acronym FAM.
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    @owetoe540 thanks. enjoy your pants. my friend is happy that a new owner found. and thanks for power of DHL, price for value.
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    @Lazerr I wouldn’t worry too much about it, I think that one rivet was just a dud. No issues with any of my other WH jeans.
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    I’ve posted this already over at denimbro, but hoping some of the resident LVC historians can weigh in on these: Factory codes date these March 2007. Everything about them are like my other early pairs of LVC 47’s, I can not find any errors or irregularities other than the selvedge line. Discuss:
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    So here’s a thing ... I’ve been trying to catalogue my FW gear pictorially, for here and my own purposes. It’s been more of a struggle than I thought because I’m no expert in photography and I hadn’t realised, that my camera was also failing (it was nearly 8 years old and is well past its expected shutter count being all around the world with my work, and the sensor was also having issues) so shots were becoming more erratic - not good for what I’d hoped to achieve. Anyway yesterday the Duchess came in after work and randomly handed me a parcel and card. It was random because the thing is I’m not good at receiving presents - I much rather be giving - so usually for birthdays, Christmases, father’s days and the like I’ll get a card and perhaps a small gift. I open the card and read the message from Ellie and mum and then I’m encouraged to open the parcel. It was this ... The Duchess knows the square root of f-ck all about cameras and so she’d spent the last few weeks reading every review on the internet ... (literally) brought a tear to my eye What a woman
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    WTS J1A-LP Size M - worn condition, probably 7/10. Jacket has fraying on the sleeve cuffs, a very small hole on the inner seam of the chest pocket, and very minor fraying on the bottom of the jacket. - Comes with spec sheet and original bag. - Looking for $800 + shipping + fees. Highly prefer CONUS but we can talk if you're outside. - PM Me for more pics and offers
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    I recently picked up a '69 Timex Sprite from eBay. It's markedly smaller than anything I own in my budget friendly collection (Casio F-91W and Seiko SNK809) at a whopping ~32mm with the crown.
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    Well I've given up on resetting it myself, Warehouse basically said get in contact with the retailer you purchased them from...which was them. But luckily someone agreed to help me replace it. Sending them out tomorrow.
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    the real mccoys full count
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    ... and the usual group pic of the last batch
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    Updated list. Edit: interesting trades only, like euros or dollars. Also have this 1KCorp belt for chaos: https://ibb.co/PYyJ6SN
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    human made cap PBJ mask merz tshirt FH varsity stevenson visvim Skagway
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    in the vein of AFX... always partial to a bit of bogdan raczynski, this from '99s 'thinking of you' (released on rephlex uploaded to youtube by warp)
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    WTS only take PayPal hkd or local transaction j1a-gt 2.2 sz L 9/10 USD 1830 dhl shipped j1a-gt 2.2 sz M 9.5/10 USD 1900 dhl shipped S23-ak sz M 10/10 hkd 3100 net p33-ds sz M 9.5/10 usd 1100 dhl shipped (only take hkd 8530) p34-e 9.5/10 SZ M USD 1250 dhl shipped p22-ds sz M usd 1280 dhl shipped (hkd 9920) 3a-3ts L2 10/10 USD 1100 dhl shipped (hkd 8530) J47r-gt sz S 9.5/10 USD 1350 dhl included 3a-3ts L2 bnwt USD 1100 dhl shipped
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    What is with the SE measurement dislike here? We measure everything in-house and re-measure a product if we get a new production run in from the manufacturer. We also state how the measurements are taken on our site, which is a fairly standard way of measuring things at tailors in the US (I do understand that in Japan some measure the waist differently). Outside of this if we feel that we're getting more returns than usual on a particular product we make sure to remeasure and update the size chart for that product to make sure it's correct. It's literally everything we can do to get our clients the most accurate measurements.
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    Posted in other thread, but figured I’d start this and stay on topic. current cost to value isn’t great.
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    Freewheelers / The Rite Stuff / Tightly Stitched / Warehouse / The Flat Head
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    Stevenson, MF, 1975 Benz
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    1. you're attempting to sound really smart, but you are really just having a circular conversation with yourself and some projected persona / idea of who you think I am, which honestly sounds really insecure 2. really not sure what you are trying to say with the john mayer part tbh, was purely using him for the sake of a music analogy. I make a second living in music and mayer was a big part of me getting good enough at music at a young age to do so now. not sure what's sus about being a hardcore fan of mayer, any music, or literally any thing. 3. I wrote a completely personal anecdote and stated it as so and you were triggered enough by it to write a complete assessment based on assumptions. i mean this in the most polite and objective way but, that's honestly a super embarrassing level of grade A entitlement, like you are a shining exemplary of what i would like to disassociate with tbh. though you may not be posting WTB: EVERYONE ELSE'S grails. you sound like a underleveled person in many other ways / your view of self importance is quite akin to those other "laymans" as you refer. 4. for someone who references the buddha, you don't seem to know much about him as you reek of self centricity, just my opinion @nodre