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    Cheap old hat Harman Optical The Rite Stuff Vasco Freewheelers Lofgren
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    For it's weight and properties, the WS will hold up very well. I treat/wear them the same as I would GT Pro. The only WS item (of 9) I had issues with was the 46WS, which was a couple small holes due to the metal zipper. A GT patch fixed the issue. My J25WS which I have used heavily for five years has held up great, minus the inside layer is beginning to deteriorate around the neck. The other benefit of GT is the network of authorized repairers that will fix anything you wouldn't want to DIY.
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    Secret or not I personally feel that the leather color looks awful so they'd better age as fast as possible, on someone else feet too.
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    J58 1st Gen / P24S / Union Jordan J58 / P10S / Sacai Waffle