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    Finally paid a visit to Middle Child sandwich shop in Philadelphia for my birthday lunch. If youre ever in the area, cant recommend it enough. Eating the "So Long Sal!" here (Salami, prosciutto cotto, onion, sharp provolone, house dressing, artichoke spread, arugula, on a hoagie roll). stevenson type 2 and fullcount 1101w
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    Shameless plug selling my Sugar Cane horsehide sports jacket Sz 40 DM for more info
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    I'd say they're ready for a wash. I did wash mine today for the second time already, pics coming soon. A much expected desk jockey update haha!
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    hello everybody! i hope everyone is enjoying their pants as much as me! here is a bit of an update as its been almost 3 months now... i lay tile for a living and i wear these everday to work. i soaked them twice when i first got them and havent washed them since. i gave them a bit of a vacuum to get the dust of off and took some pics! i really like the fit, so nice and roomy
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    HW Dog Buzz Glad Hand Trophy Wesco doggie
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    P31A-DS Review online. With cargo pocket "hack"!
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    Hi, I'm new to this forum, is it appropriate to post a youtube review (I made) on the P31S-DS RAF in this thread? Cheers!
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