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    Sweeping the deck. papa nui hat, Nigel cabourn shirt, lee pants, vans
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    Vintage short sleeve sweat Levis 501 STF Vintage Shell Longwings Timex Mural by Matt Pennetti for Skeleton Key Brewery https://instagram.com/uhoh_pennetti_ohs?igshid=y068k3m8to37 The jeans were labeled black / neon pink but in reality they have an inky indigo warp with pink weft. Reminds me of my old Julian Red Nikki Sixx jeans. Gave them a long hot soak before worn to dry. Added some pre and post soak pics. Lost at least 2 inches in length and the top block tightened up quite a bit.
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    Took my Tender and Cushmans to Norfolk to visit the natives:
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    TNF cap Visvim jacket/shoes Uniqlo U T/Cord pants/Tote
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    WTS: P31-DS Medium. Likes new, full pack. Pictures at link below. $800 shipped in US. https://www.jawnflip.com/i/26083-acronym-p31-ds-medium
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    So I finally succumbed to the temptation of a Kapital ring coat after years of intermittent hovering A marmite of the coat world, I suspect An unlikely union of an M65, a peacoat, a trenchcoat and a kimono Oversized and military-inspired, longer at the front than the back, like a reversed fish-tail parker Anyway, whatever the blurb is… I’m liking it, enamoured even Fit pics once the combinatorial analysis of buttoning is complete PS - great service from Kafka
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    I bet there might be a for over 50 year without the copyright date, shouldn’t it be for over 50 years on my timeline- so 1926 should be when it changes to F/O 50 great depression comes along and Levi says F it and runs with the F/O 50 for 10 years? Who knows
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    Another wash... I got distracted inspecting them close up while they were drying Also some pre-emptive crotch reinforcement...
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    Thought the khaki colour would be a little hard to wear and I hate having items of clothing that I feel I can only wear with certain things .... so I dyed them black I'm wearing them with the 50's warehouse 25th , I'm not entirely used to the double cuff but I've hemmed the 46 to wear with no cuff so I think ill keep these as they are for now ( maybe the cuff will grow on me
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    I thought i had lost this jacket. I’m not a huge fan of the brand but this indigo wool jacket is pretty great still. Poten Apolis chore jacket Merz T-shirt Sugar Cane 1947 all time high socks buzz rickson sneakers
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    I had a read through crazy old Ian Brown's... anti-vax, anti big-pharma twitter feed during the last lock down... Here's one for the ressurection ...and one for Sunday morning
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    Getting stocked up on vintage deadstock sneakers for the Nippers site opening
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    Lady Whites tee Tender Novesta
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    Sugar Cane SC41955 made in USA, pre-lawsuit, size 33 once-washed, brand new with tags, box, newspaper, etc.—asking $200 Still in brand new condition:
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    Those Moto derbies are beautiful @julian-wolf! My brother has the exact same model and color and he loves his. They are looking really nice after a couple of years of wear. These are my new Flame Panda moc toe boots in Horween color 4 shell cordovan. This is my first pair of shell cordovan boots and I really like the color. The quality is quite good as I was expecting. These are quite chunky as you can see... so much so that they pushed me to finally get some wider cut jeans. Here they are with my At Last Co. Lot. 147 before I hemmed them:
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    Jeans are supposed to fit just the way you like them
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    Hopefully mini-soul wasn’t badly hurt when you dropped him ...
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    Been putting a good bit of wear into my ww2 s406xxx and thought it was due a wash . Was expecting a nice bit of fading going on ..... but instead it actually looks newer , think my water mains may be connected to the fountain of youth . So instead of embarrassing myself with my "fades" I just took pics of the awesome puckering instead
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    Hi there folks, I have bought a pair of Denime jeans and try to find some info about it. I couldn't find any on the internet. Hope you guys can help with this one. Thnx for the effort