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    FW Serviceman + Mojito (a family BBQ … first proper out of house get-together in 2 years)
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    Jeans are back from repairs. Recently took a trip to San Miguel de Allende. A beautiful little historic mountain town in the middle of Mexico. It was originally developed as a silver mining town, then the economy was primarily driven by a vertically integrated textile mill where they processed cotton from raw bales to woven muslin. The mill was shuttered in 1991. The city moves heavily on tourism and service industries these days. Lovely people, beautiful architecture and tasty food. A delightful trip. Jeans are better than ever. Finally draping and falling like a well-worn pair should.
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    Current boot lineup: Rolling Dub Trio / Chippewa / White's 5 years old / 3 years / 7 years [The White's got a lot of wear for about 4 or 5 years, but they really are too big for me and I've sort of stopped wearing them very often. RDT got good wear before the Covid, but less since. The Chippewas get lots of wear, including as motorcycle boots.]
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    Took some new pics of my 1003XX. I tried to search the thread for the patch history but failed miserably, anyone got a link to it?
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    The women’s line kicks the shit out of the men’s stuff I’ve seen so far
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    I’ve had this wabash shirt for 7 years now, I think. Worn it loads, washed it plenty of times and still there is so damn much life left in it. Love it!
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    WTS / WTT + - cash if necessary J68-WS - M - 9/10 - trade only J44-SD - M - black - 8.5/10 - 1150 euro J62-PB - M - 8.5/10 - 1000 euro P25-DS - M - 9/10 - 950 euro P27-DS - M - 8/10 - 900 euro P31A-DS - M - alpha - 9/10 - 700 euro SP28-DS - M - black - 9/10 - 650 euro 3a-MP2TS - white / coated zip - 10/10 new - 80 euro - from 3pack so no bag/sheet looking for J56-S - M/L - raf J36-S - M/L - any color White GT - M/L depending on model
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    I think it’s the camera angle buddy - I’ve probably put a few pounds on
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    It’s less ACR and more Chitose Abe playing with their forms and structures imo
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    may i ask how much you copped this for? i just purchased a 2004 w/ date reference. C444/04m. it is used so i'm just wondering if i paid a fair price. thanks.
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    WTB P38-E size M WTT 3a-5 first black xpac version
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    Thinking of starting a gofundme for the ww2 101 and cotton blanket hoodie ..........
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    New in... pullover shirt Pretty neppy denim, greyish weft, guess about 10oz This is a 4 - liking the relaxed fit, maybe could have gone a 5 for greater volume but non to be had
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    Lot 147 photo-bomb I was avoiding washing to avoid cuff arrangement faffing but they're looking a bit grubby now
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    M41001... a few minor repairs due to the waistband, right pocket and to secure the side seams
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    WTS 3a-2 olive 9.9/10 full pack $400 CONUS shipped J76-GT medium black 9/10 no sheet/bag $850 CONUS shipped
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    here's some more pics of him under construction and in transit https://www.instagram.com/p/CP7Ojnentel/ was fun, now back to marking. :urgh: #thatteacherlife TeacherGloom76
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    I have no words. This made my whole year! Thank you sister!
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    Almost 3 year old Lofgrens now with a full resole by Miyasaka of Brass. Had the pleasure of meeting the man himself in Berlin while travelling. Amazing job that he did. These started out in life as a pair of veg tanned boots (there are some photos of them around here…), but I decided to try my hand at dying them. Now ready for many more years.
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    A few more i took Iron Hearts Samurai s5000bk More Samurai plus Edwin
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    While I’m at it, some initial shots of the Flame Panda #206 Breaking these in is gonna be rough. The leather is thick and very stiff. It has a great sheen to it, though, & I’m really looking forward to seeing how it ages. Peng shipped them with two pairs of waxed cotton laces (one flat & one round), but given how chunky the boots turned out I think they’ll be a good fit for these black raw hide laces from White’s. The construction is very clean. All of the stitching is at very consistent intervals, and coincident seems line up with corner perfectly. The edges at the bottoms of the quarters aren’t burnished super straight, but that’s the only plausible imperfection I can come up with. Overall, they really are immaculate.
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    boot care day. They were thirsty
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    + Red Wing 2268 + Been wearing the Boots since Aug 2018 for office work, Rig Site and Port
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