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    wearing the 3036 chambray and the wwii cowboy pants this evening
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    SC green cast jacket, Warehouse tee, PBJ Ai jeans, Vans
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    Not off a 30C wash. In fact they come up a touch bigger than the chart. Not sure if a dryer would shrink them? If interested, let me know mate and I can give actual measurements.
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    I wanted to hear what it sounded like with my sub decoupled but the smallest isolation pad i could find was 380mm sq and 30+ quid so i thought i'd just make one instead. Split a piece of oak Made a former with some pads on the same centers as the subwoofers legs and gave it a coat of mould release solution Got wood ...and SC-47s Bored some holes Mixed some silicone and ran it through the vacuum chamber to remove the air Poured it through the back of the oak which i had clamped to the former and ran it through a secondry vacuum to remove the air from the mould Split the oak from the former Leaving squidgy vibration absorbing rubber recesses Covered the holes on the back (which i cast through +vents) with class o acoustic foam ..and there you go, Decoupled
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    Nice pickups! I'm enjoying the 601B a lot, so I have the RB coming soon along with a few other things too.
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    WTB 3A-1 L2 :: Preferably 9/10+ condition WTS 3A-2 Black X-Pac, Full Pack :: 8.5/10 :: Used as an everyday bag, but there isn't any major damage (stains, tears, etc.). Feel free to message me for photos :: $385 shipped CONUS
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    Some new 3a-1 colorways are up and other 3a's. (Mp1, 3a5, and 3a-2)
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    I like myself better in simple outfits...less chance to do it wrong
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    wearing the warehouse chambray i just picked up this week with my buzz rickson chinos and a whitesville tee.
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    Took some photos last week of my old lot 401 Hawaii Indirect natural light—color is pretty true
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    Starting to see some nice wear on the '51 601xx Really like these jeans a lot
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    Can we link our own music in here? recorded this live video a few months back. I'm wearing a Toyo Star of Hollywood rayon shirt if that helps stay relevant lol
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    ^ You will probably have more luck on the secondary market then. Always needs some washes for shrink to fit. Gave these 711 their first real wash after the initial soak+wash combo and they improved a lot. Leg twist on the right leg...superb

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