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    One down, one to go Sun Surf / Studio d’Artisan / Cane’s / Cabourn / Pfizer-BioNTech
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    Tender x 2 / At Last x 2 / Viberg
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    These came in today! They are pretty much all I hoped for except one of the leather laces snapped when I pulled it tight first time.
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    I really dig this elegant curve on the sewing of the back pocket on these SC42021
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    1945 Chinos in Camel
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    Not quite as cool, but certainly more comprehensive, ive also got this 400+ pg Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear, from the 1950's to sometime around the early 00's
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    Just won this BNWT Diamond Cracker on Yahoo for a little over $100, good deal since at one point I was considering buying it at full price!
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    Lucia La Ferme / Tender Co. / Merz / Hollows / Cane's / Fracap
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    This is a nice snap shot of the era... Dysfunctional by Aaron Rose, i think it was the very first work he put out back in 1999 brfor going on to make Beautiful Losers and so on. I bought it from Magma Books in Manchester when it was released, it can change hands for big bucks nowadays.
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    here are some photos of my buzz rickson n-1. i’ve used it as a daily driver for the past three winters and i love the thing.
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    Tudor Black Bay 58
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    Something a little on the vintage side. 1670 GMT circa 1970.
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    P33 go well with most shoes. They were great, versatile pants, and I only sold them because I got P36. The hidden cargos on the rear concealed contents thanks to the wide cut, and could easily be shifted to the side when you sit. I usually never use rear pockets because I don’t like sitting on stuff, but I regularly put my keys and MP3/MP2TS in these. The P36 has the rear cargo pockets also but uses the pleating for concealment. My only complaint on the 33 was the combination of the wider phone pocket, DS construction and wide straight fit in through the thighs allowed my phone (iPhone X no case) to slip out, especially when I was sitting on the floor or in a car where the opening is pointed down. Couple of old pictures below, I think I posted a couple with the C1 a while back too. One static and one super awkward action shot.
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    2 month update? Been working these hard Treated with Oregon Trail Boot Wax every two weeks Minor things that bug me: the random split in the tongue the left boot toe box remains nice and smooth while the right creases like mad? Haha. HATE the wedge soles since they are way too soft lastly 6” is too low for a work boot. I can’t wait for the 8” version to release.
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    Denim adjacent M-43 Jacket with the PO
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    I've got a new contribution for this thread. Photos aren't nearly as nice as @aho but I tried.
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    2 years. I lost count of the washes at this point. I’ve been washing these every 2-3 weeks now because the waistband stretches so easily. This is a tag size 36 but the waistband easily stretches to 39 inches after a few wears which is way too big so I run them though the washer to bring the size back down to a 36.
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    Hi! Everyone! My pair is back from repair. My crotch and knees are in good condition. And from today, I will wear it as real workwear again! Today is Cat Day in Japan.
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    shitty post. in depth reviews, especially of flaws, are one of the best parts of this thread. why do you think i'm here? to read you and orientalq bitching at each other for pages and pages? why don't you brevity your posts out of existence?
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    I've been to the dark side. People were still matching their tops to their shoes there. Don't let it take me again. I pls u
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    New skate shoes, Vans “varix” I think they have just the right amount of 90/00’s skate shoe charm without being too ugly. either way they feel good